Zeek Burse Owns The Stage With His Magical Performance For World Cafe Live’s House Concerts!

Zeek Burse is known as an R&B/Rock sensation in Philadelphia for a reason. His voice has the magic that takes a person to a different world altogether. So when it was revealed that he will be performing for World Cafe Live’s ‘House Concert Series’, music lovers couldn’t keep calm. And guess what? He ended up giving a mesmerizing performance throughout.

With his 2 other band members Lloyd Alexander and Margel Overton, Burse started off the musical night with the song ‘The Room’. He managed to light up the room as he sang from his soul the lines ‘Now that you’re here, feel the room it shines.’

Burse’s performance set the mood right and with his next songs ‘Summer Vibes’ and ‘Graay’, he left people wanting for more. Prior to singing the song ‘Graay’, the singer said something that left the audience in awe. He said, “the in-between stage that’s not so comfortable”.

The song ‘Graay’ seems to be reflecting on that stage of the relationship where one fears that they’re about to lose it. The feeling of agony was sensed in his voice when Burse sang the lines, “Tell me what to do this time, to get you back on my side”.

At this stage, viewers were floored by his wondrous performance, honeyed voice and the emotions he evoked inside them. After performing these three amazing tracks, it was time for Burse to lure the audience with some more originals.

Zeek Burse owned the stage with more songs such as ‘Dry’ and ‘One People’, both being his originals. The original song ‘One People’, had a memorable chorus that highlighted unity and oneness. Burse’s voice soared singing “we are one people, and we can change the world, we can change the world”. At the end he altered the chorus by saying “we are one people, and we can change the world. We WILL change the world”.

He also crooned his version of Cee Lo Green’s most loved number Crazy. The House Concert Series of Burse’s night ended with him warming the cockles of people’s hearts with Michael Jackson song Human Nature.

It was a memorable experience to anyone who witnessed Burse owning the stage. With several originals and his rendition of some known tracks, he provided serenity, smiles and a great musical high to music lovers. That’s what makes him loved and popular among his fans. Burse is always the artist/singer who will leave his audience surprised with his choice of songs for any gig or concert.

Take a look at Zeek Burse’s performance for World Cafe Live’s House Concert Series:

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