Zhenya Globazh Recounts Her Journey and Rise to the Top

The global pandemic has given rise to marketing trailblazers who’ve helped numerous local businesses not just to survive but thrive amidst these testing times. Launching a new company in one of the most competitive business capitals in the world was a challenging task, but Zhenya Globazh, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of leading marketing & branding agency Shiba500, had exceptional qualifications and a strong desire to make it work. She is one of those unique industry experts who are leading impactful teams and leaving a positive mark in gender diversity. Utilizing her outstanding marketing expertise in working with international brands and her ability to create engaging content, Globazh and her team of experts have successfully developed and grew businesses proving that they are one of the few leading players on the market.

“At Shiba500, we expedite the business development journey of startups and scaleups,” stated Globazh.

Before co-founding Shiba500, Globazh got a Master’s degree in Marketing from Moscow State University of Printing Arts. Throughout her career, she operated at the very top of her field by leading marketing projects for the most innovative companies for over 12 years. She has gained international recognition and worked for Yandex, Danone, WPP, Scentbird, as well as some innovative and rapidly growing startups. “I’m grateful to these companies for helping me spread my wings and grow,” she said. “That expertise was a key foundation of successfully launching my own business.”

Globazh and her team have helped multiple companies located in the United States, Europe, and Africa to launch their brands. They’ve amassed a large following of clients, including Shivom, Hybrid.ai, One.com, Everest, Moonhub, Wunderdogs, and many others. Their services focus on building strong brands and marketing strategies for innovative B2B tech companies. Shiba500’s team helps businesses to enter new geography and launch new tech products. “We offer essential services to the tech companies, whether they’re just starting out or looking to expand,” Globazh said.

When starting a business, it’s essential to have the best staff possible to get the job done. Without significant expertise, businesses can fail. This is why Globazh handpicked the best candidates possible for her company. They have played an integral role in Shiba500’s success.

The company started with two co-founders who have already built successful careers in the international arena. They selected talented, outstanding individuals who are experts in their respective fields. Since the company works remotely, they were able to choose worthy candidates from across the globe: New York, Barcelona, and London, to name a few. “The secret to Shiba500’s success lies in creating a powerful team of experts & building an internal culture,” Globazh said. “We were passionate about founding a female-led company, and we chose people who were seasoned professionals in their fields. Our staff has agile attitudes and are adaptable to every situation. Our team has played a quintessential role in the company’s success.”

Expertise can be hard to find when looking to create an efficient team that’s built to last. Globazh is proud to have a team of professionals behind her who can rise to any challenge that comes their way.

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