Zubair Aslam – Melbourne’s Fashion and Portrait Photographer, Excels Beyond Imagination in the Vast Industry

He has raised the bar for others in the field with his coaching and mentorship to other aspirants in photography.

Out of all the things that have seen some massive developments and growth over the years across industries and sectors, one thing that has caught the attention of all and has made the most headlines is, hands down, the rise of many young professionals and creative souls from all the corners of the world.

We have been increasingly hearing about their journeys and the kind of success stories they have been creating in their respective niches, especially in the artistic and creative fields, showcasing their best creative sides and exuding their passion for the same.

Making such a huge name in the world of photography is one such youngster named Zubair Aslam, an Indian creative soul residing in Melbourne, Australia.

“Picturesnme” is his brand and creative page where Zubair Aslam goes all out radiating his brilliance in photography and proving his mettle as the creative head behind the lens, capturing the moment as is yet taking out an explosion of emotions from his subjects, such is his talent and tenacity in the field.

Zubair Aslam always knew that the creative world was where he would stay forever and hence, he kept walking his way to the top with also getting into the digital space with Instagram coaching, where as a partner of growth, he helps other creative individuals in growing their Instagram accounts and scaling their brands by generating more exposure through accurate use of hashtags, stories, etc.

Zubair Aslam has now garnered much spotlight also for his coaching and mentoring to other photographers on retouching pictures, including the techniques of skin retouch, cinematic colour grading and so much more, trying his best to help excel others in the field.

As Melbourne’s one of the top-most fashion and portrait photographers, Zubair Aslam also takes workshops on portrait photography all across the world.

His specialization in kids’ photography has propelled him forward in the industry. This also serves as a great guide for others on how kids are photographed in their natural looks.

Zubair Aslam truly excels beyond boundaries in the photography world and, through his work, inspires many other aspirants in the industry. Find out more through Instagram @picturesnme or visit the page,

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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