10 Travel Couples to Inspire Your Trips for 2021

To all of my fellow travelers, 2020 has been a bit of a globe-trotting bust. My condolences to the countless travel plans laid to rest due to these unprecedented times. As an eternal optimist, however, I have opted to look at the current situation like an extended layover. Perhaps a few of our connections have been canceled, but we’ve been given some time to re-fuel, gain a little rest, and gain a renewed appreciation for having the opportunity to travel, which is all too often taken for granted. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve also taken this time to gain some travel inspiration. We’ve been living vicariously through our phone screens, which have been dutifully transporting us into a time and space that extends beyond the confines of our homes. Amongst these virtual visits into the lives of others, we’ve handpicked 10 travel couples that are inspiring what the stamps on our passport will look like come 2021. Do yourself a favor and take a virtual visit into the lives of the following Instagram couples. It’s a bit of a tease at the moment, but the inspiration is absolutely worth it. 

Marie Fe and Jake Snow 

Marie & Jake

You cannot help but love Marie Fe and Jake Snow. The couple met while both traveling in 2016 and have invited their large following to watch as they grow a life together filled with sensational travel destinations and lifestyle tips. With 861K + followers on Instagram, a successful YouTube channel, and their engaging blog Maja, the couple uses their influential platforms to share more than just travel tips. They provide honest insight into their relationship, and how they make it work, while also sharing lifestyle hacks ranging from how to work-out when living out of a backpack to how to productively plan your day. 

Marie Fe and Jake Snow share images of an amazing life, but provide an honest glimpse into the reality of their world through the content they post. Their honesty increases their relatability, and they know how to speak to their audience to generate genuine engagement. Whether followers are looking to be inspired on how to replicate the iconic dirty dancing scene in the cove of Positano or explore the jungles of Bali with an adorably amazing adopted puppy in tow, Marie and Jake are the crusaders paving the way for their audience by leading through example. The duo is a must-follow for those looking to live life to the fullest, proving that those who dare to reach for the stars are capable of realizing even their wildest of dreams. 


Raquel & Miguel 

Raquel and Miguel are the daring Portuguese couple behind @explorerssaurus, an Instagram account intent on sharing the duo’s exciting adventures from around the world. Their travels began as a way to meet up while dating long distance with Raquel studying biomedical engineering in Spain and Miguel working as a business manager at a construction company in Portugal. This sparked the beginning of their adventures, conquering and discovering the world one short trip at a time. Their initial trips brought them to Marrakech, Barcelona, Venice, Milan, Frankfurt, and Paris, all trips that paved the groundwork that @explorerssaurus_ was later built on. Eventually, the duo decided to move in together, which allowed them to invest many hours into the development of their photography and videography skills. 

By January 2019, Raquel and Miguel exited their corporate careers and purchased one-way tickets to India to begin their lives as full-time travelers and content creators. Following this decision, the couple continuously strives to capture content speaking to their experiences, motivating their following of 829K+ to pursue the life of their dreams. Their romance is both inspiring and palpable through the visual stimulants they share, encouraging their belief that couples who travel together stay together. For those looking to be mesmerized by Raquel and Miguel’s intimate swims in the water’s of Positano and coffee breaks atop the rooftops of Portugal, Explorerssaurus is a must-follow to ignite inspiration.  

We Love Our Life 

Domi & Frida 

Domenico Solimini and Federica Allegretti are Italian high school sweethearts who’ve been together since falling in love at first sight in 2006. Through their Instagram platform, @weloveourlife, the couple shares high-end travel content with their strong following of 550K+, while also utilizing their YouTube channel and personal blog to best showcase their content. Created in 2017, We Love Our Life originated as a way for the romantic couple to keep in touch with friends and family amongst their global adventures. Their account has grown exponentially since, sharing the duo’s adventure cruising down the streets of Cuba and basking in the blue waters of Italy, igniting their audience’s inner travel bug. 

Despite Domi’s career as a Pharmacist and Frida’s career as an Architect, the couple’s true passion has always lied in traveling and studying new cultures. Their discovery of a love for photography continues to allow them to accurately capture their experiences, sharing the magic of their excursions with their social followings in a truly unique way. The wanderlust-obsessed couple professes to always have a passport in hand, and are a must-follow for those in need of inspiration when deciding where on the globe to trot next. 

Aggie & Jacob 

Aggie and Jacob have both developed sensational followings on their individual Instagram accounts found at @aggie (Travel In Her Shoes) and @jacob (Jacob Riglin), yet keep their professional and romantic lives separate on the gram’. The pair are well accustomed to the Instagram limelight, with Aggie boasting a following of 815K+ through the scenic eye candy she shares, and Jacob coming in at over 1M followers thanks to his spectacular photography. This shared knowledge about the inner workings of the Insta-world makes them a content-creation power-couple. 

Aggie’s account provides followers with a visual trip around the world, from the decks of yachts in Positano to the stage of TEDx talks in Monterrey, showing her audience that possibilities are truly endless when passionately pursued. The Polish adventurer, on a mission to infect people with a travel bug, has curated a signature line of presets for those inspired by her content. While Aggie is featured in much of her account content, Jacob is more of a behind the lens guy, sharing with his audience exceptionally captured moments. From night-to-day photography in the deserts of Dubai to Lamborghini adventures through the Dolomites mountain ranges, Jacob lends his audience a lens into his extraordinary life, while also educating them on how to mimic his photography skills through his Masterclass


The Lost Two 

Claudia & Kaan

Claudia and Kaan are the creators of real + relatable content through their Instagram platform @thelosttwo, an account intent on sharing their journey through life in a way that is both inspiring and attainable. The Canadian couple “met” in 2010 via twitter (no, not tinder) through the adorable act of trading funny memes back and forth. Though they both lived merely 20 minutes away from one another in Toronto, they didn’t officially meet in person until 2015, when they instantly hit it off. At the time, Claudia had just graduated from university and was craving a backpacking adventure, however, Kaan was more passionate about climbing the corporate ladder rather than the stairs leading into an airplane. It took Claudia purchasing Kaan a backpack and a ticket to Hawaii to convince him to join her backpacking escapades, and from that point, the duo fell head over heels for each other and for travel.  

In 2017, The Lost Two embarked on a 4-month journey across 17 different countries on 5 different continents. It was on this trip that they realized their future required two things – each other and travel, a realization that prompted them to get engaged as well as set a goal to say goodbye to the “Canadian Dream” in May of 2018. Their plan entailed moving to Bali for a few months to see how things went, a decision that ultimately led to their social media audience exploding to 127K as more and more followers engaged with their content. It’s hard not to fall in love with the lifestyle of The Lost Two as they jump into turquoise seaside pools in the Maldives and celebrate the holidays in a tree fort in Bali. For those looking for romantic and travel inspiration, The Lost Two are a heartwarming follow that easily encourages the pursuit of a life worth living. 

The Two Bohemians 

Luke & Tyler

Luke Mackley and Tyler Whitworth are the two creative and adventure driven souls behind @thetwobohemians, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing their love for each other as well as the world. With the UK based couple approaching a decade of romantic bliss, it’s impossible to not feel all the feels when exploring their creative content. Ever dreamed of dining along the hillsides of Santorini or embarking on a winter romance trip to the Arctic Circle? Luke and Tyler will show you the way while providing a reminder that love is alive! The couple firmly believes in living consciously, positively advocating for travel, mindfulness, and lifestyle through the content they share with their 62.4K followers. They opt to lead by example, showcasing their life as a way to inspire their audience that hard work, passion, and persistence can allow dreams to manifest into realities. 

The Two Bohemians inspire their audience not just on Instagram, but on multiple platforms including TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook, all boasting high levels of engagement. They solely work with clients that operate consciously, promoting mindful and environmental wellness, and have collaborated with dozens of partners to date who share these values. Their commitment to conscious collaborations makes Luke and Tyler an honest and trustworthy source to gain inspiration from, and are a must-follow for those looking to learn not just about traveling suggestions, but to gain mindful lifestyle recommendations. The duo is also giving their audience something to look forward to as they plan their Surf & Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka for the 21st -28th of March, 2021 where Tyler will be pulling on her 300h certified yoga instructor training to guide participants through a rejuvenating practice – stay tuned!

Irie to Aurora

Dustin & Noami 

Dustin and Noami Grevemberg are eco-vanlifers, digital nomads, and activists who, together with their pup Amara, have been exploring the wilds of America in their 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon (named Irie) since 2016. Their Instagram, @irietoaurora, shares snippets from the couple’s ever-evolving vanlife adventures through the lens of current events, enhanced with stunning photography and riveting stories. The low-waste advocates and outdoor enthusiasts use their lifestyle to inspire socially and environmentally conscious practices with their audience of 55K highly engaged followers. On their website, they share practical digital nomad resources and inspiring eco-vanlife tips, including a comprehensive guide to digital nomadism, for anyone seeking a sustainable life on the road.

Noami was born and raised on the island of Trinidad where she originally found her love for nature, adventure, and the outdoors. She founded the Diversify Vanlife movement in 2019 as a platform turned community dedicated to creating a space for the representation of BIPOC and other underrepresented groups within the nomadic community. She is also the host of Nomads at the Intersections podcast, launching October 2020 with a focus on shifting the narrative and navigating the challenges, journeys, and inspirations of the modern nomadic movement while diving deep into the stories of underrepresented voices. Dustin is the technical mind and behind-the-scenes operator of this dynamic duo. He takes Noami’s vision and puts it into the “how do we get there from here” roadmap, while also operating as the editor-in-chief, mechanic, and the voice & webmaster behind irietoaurora.com. Amara (@amaratheshepherd) is the newest addition to the team, though Dustin & Noami can’t imagine what life was like before Amara found them in 2019 on a lonely Texas highway.

Our Next Location 

Tina & Cederique 

Tina Vanderghinste and Cederique De Coster are the duo behind @ournextlocation, an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the loveable couple’s journey around the world. The Belgium based duo are fresh to the travel influencing scene, yet are quickly becoming fan favorites despite their infancy! Having begun their journey around the world on 20/02/2020, the couple has since skyrocketed their following from 4K to 41.6K, with their audience proving to be enthralled in the lives of the two young lovers as seen in the high engagement their account experiences. Despite the COVID19 pandemic impacting their one-way-ticket around the world plans, Tina and Cederique still managed to make the most of their explorations within Europe, sharing their experiences boating through the crystal coves of Capri and enjoying romantic walks around the Eiffel Tower. 

For Cederique, a passion for travel developed as a result of the excursions he ventured on with his family in his youth. He carried this passion with him into adulthood, and at 23 new it was his dream to travel the world. Cederique’s travel bug became contagious, and Tina eventually caught the craving after embarking on a trip to Budapest with him, an experience that uncovered her own passion for exploration. For those looking to be inspired in how to take chances and make the leap into following your travel dreams, Cederique and Tina are the ones to follow to offer that inspiration, sharing their global journey both through Instagram as well as through their sensational YouTube channel.


Cecilia & Scott 

Cecilia and Scott Fix are using their Instagram platform, Lovicarious, to inspire their 14.9K followers to experience the world through travel. The couple is redefining what qualifies as an “adventure,” describing it not as an adrenaline-inducing activity or an opulent weekend away, but instead being anything big or small that is exciting, new, or outside of one’s comfort zone. Adventures that Lovicarious has embarked upon include offroading in the Paoay Sand Dunes in brightly colored geometric buggies, and plunging into the turquoise waters of Jamaica. They share with their audience an array of enviable yet attainable adventures, inspiring the travel butterflies within even the most hesitant soon-to-be traveler.

The adorable adventure travel couple has been sharing their matrimonial bliss with followers for over two-years now, conveying to other couples that marriage does not need to entail settling down in one destination, but can instead spark the beginning of great new travel adventures.  Cecilia, self-described as extroverted, headstrong, stubborn, and sassy, is driven to find new adventures through her love of new cultures and people. Alternatively, Scott is deemed more of an introvert with an intense curiosity and genuine pleasure in being awed by the beauty of the world that their adventuring leads to. Together, the couple uses their platform to advocate for the benefits of adventure-seeking, providing guides on how to do so for any budget. 

Coconuts and Coordinates 

Pili & Dano 

Pili and Dano discovered the concept for @coconutsandcoordinates in 2018 whilst traveling in Bali, an idea that formulated into a popular Instagram platform focused on sharing travel advice. The main goal behind creating @coconutsandcoordinates was to appeal to others who, like themselves, were navigating how to travel more without ditching a 9 to 5. Built on this concept, the account, as well as the couple’s website, shares content that advocates for hitting up a flight at the end of a workweek or strutting into the office fresh from a 9-hour flight (something both Pili and Dano have done on several occasions). Through leading by example, the duo shares their experiences strolling along the beaches of Barbados and looking out over the coast of Oman (moments captured exclusively with the use of a tripod!) with their extensive audience of highly engaged followers.  

For 4+ years, Pili worked as a Marketing Director within Dubai’s hospitality industry, eventually retiring in 2020 with the launch of her Digital Marketing Agency, B.YOND. Dano, whose original profession was that of a Mechanical Engineer, worked at a multinational firm based out of Dubai until allowing his inner pursuit of lifestyle and travel dreams to combat his corporate ambitions, retiring in 2020 to join Pili as full-time content creators. Pili and Dano seek to debunk the notion that travel is only for foot-loose and fancy-free digital nomads, instead advocating for a traveling method that requires saving as much as possible, planning productively, and embracing spontaneity in order to realize travel goals. 

Feeling inspired? I suggest putting together an emergency get-away bag equipped with sandals, a sun-hat, and a swimsuit in preparation for a jet-setting 2021 guided by the 10 sensational couples above. 

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