12 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Justas Markus

With the power of the Internet growing stronger and the competition fiercer, it is understandable that many still have no idea how to harness this opportunity and get a little richer in the process. It’s no longer easy to earn money online, but it’s not impossible. So what are legitimate and fruitful ways to make money online today?

1. Write and Sell an Ebook

If you can write well, you could write a killer eBook. The bar honestly isn’t all that high. Although there’s a vast amount of eBooks available online, if you have advice on a technical topic, you still have a niche for a business opportunity. It’s an excellent way to generate income, but it does require an awful amount of work before you can cash in.

EBooks will sell best on Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s Itunes Connect. The two combined make up the largest digital book market, and it’s they are the perfect place to put up your work. Start off with low prices, and once you have built a reputation for yourself and an audience you can start increasing your asking price. Collaborating with some of the most popular eBook blogs is another way to advertise your eBook and gain potential customers. There are many social media pages and dedicated websites like Kindle Nation Daily, GoodReads, and Pixel of Ink for eBook reviews, and a glowing review on one of those sites can seriously increase your chances of making money.

2. Sell Audiobooks with Audible

In the age of content fatigue, people are looking to find answers in a manner that will require the least amount of effort. Video content blew up overnight, and we also have seen a growing demand for audiobooks, so seize this opportunity to make some cash. If you already have a published eBook, head over to ACX to get started with your audiobook. ACX is a leading audiobook recording and distribution platform, with easy access to Amazon’s Kindle and Audible markets. To increase awareness and sales of your audiobook, include discount vouchers at the back of your eBooks.

3. Offer Gigs on Fiverr

Look back at your previous experience to see if there are any skills you can trade. If you can provide experience in financial consulting, translation or market research, you can offer your services on Fiverr. You can either start at $5 per job or up-sell your gig to make more money. Fiverr is one of the largest providers of freelancers and caters to a wide variety of businesses. The platform helps talent thrive, but your success can take time and effort. However, brilliant reviews and testimonials from previous customers can help you steadily grow your income.  

4. Sell Professional Services on Upwork or 99Designs

Another excellent pair of places to outsource your skills and experience are Upwork and 99Designs. These two are the largest and most competitive platforms for freelancers, so ensure that the expertise you are advertising is backed up by substantial previous experience. 99Designs is a platform for graphic designers, and Upwork connects people from nearly all professional services.

To succeed and reel in a sufficient amount of work to generate a profit, ensure you have built a strong portfolio showcasing your work and skills on each platform. Only apply for jobs that perfectly match your skill set and never miss a deadline. Begin by landing lower-paying jobs to get some stellar feedback and then go after the big fish.

5. Build A Blog

Starting a blog is a tedious and most demanding task. It might take you a year to rein in a reasonable income from it, and then only if you rack up a lot of hours. Nevertheless, building and running a blog is one the surest ways to make money online. Start by picking a domain name; it should be something short and sticky. Make it memorable. Use WordPress to build a clutter-free and easy-to-use site with clear navigation and a responsive theme from BYLT. Pick a reliable and inexpensive hosting provider like Hostinger with dedicated support and high speed. Use Grammarly for writing quality content, and most importantly, help people find answers to their problems. Once you get the hang of being a blogger, the progress will be much faster and the income much larger.   

6. Email Marketing

If you already have a blog and a growing number of subscribers, ensure you incorporate MailChimp on your site to allow easy subscriptions to your newsletter and communications.

Your email list represents a market that has agreed to receive offers from you. You can directly contact them with news and offers for your new products or direct your readers to other sites and get paid for every download they make there. Add links to your sponsor’s offers in your newsletter or send personalized discounts to your readers.

7. Sell Products On Etsy or Ebay

You can generate a substantial income by launching your online stall on either Ebay or Etsy. Getting to a top seller’s position is an art form, but if you have quality goods to offer and have researched your niche, you can make a killing on both sites. Get people interested in your auctions on Ebay by getting inspiration from the people that are already succeeding. Be active and respond to questions and queries promptly and you should see a steady climb in your income.

If you, however, have a talent for making trendy jewelry or unique clothing, Etsy is a great alternative to starting your e-commerce site. Although Etsy will take a small fee for handling your listings and transactions, it is far cheaper to start on Etsy than on your own. Another bonus is the instant access to a worldwide consumer base!

8. Sell Photos Online

If you have a keen eye for detail and a seriously good library of photos, you could make money by selling them to two of the biggest photo libraries online, iStock Photo and Shutterstock. If you enjoy photography and have a constant flow of high-resolution images, selling them is a brilliant way to generate passive income. Like with most freelance things, this may take time, and the income may be inconsistent. But at least it will be effortless. As soon as your photos are acquired as stock photography and distributed on the websites, all you have to do is collect payments each time someone downloads or uses your images.  

9. Use Shopify to Build Your Online Store

If you do feel ready to launch your online store, or you simply don’t want to pay any fees to anyone—use Shopify to build your e-commerce site. It’s a great platform, and they promise to get you up and running in no time. It’s not just a website builder; they also offer all the tools and resources you need to sell online – invoicing, payment processing, and global tax and currency support.

10. Create Video Tutorials on YouTube

Youtube creators can make an insane amount of money, but the ones that do work hard before they hit success. If you have found a gap in the market and can provide an insane amount of value with your content, there is no reason you should not succeed. However, the process will take time, and you won’t be a millionaire overnight. You must invest a crazy amount of time in planning your content, and you must invest in expensive equipment to deliver quality content.

11. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are well organized and have a sound understanding of technology, you could find yourself as digital nomad living a very low-cost life. If you know the basics of the Microsoft Office, you are a compelling communicator and have a talent for getting things done; you might enjoy being a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home. Time etc. is a bustling platform for VAs to find work, so when one challenge is over, you can always find the next one.

12. Write Articles for Other Sites

If you a have a talent for writing well and enjoy learning new things, consider writing content for other companies, blogs, and products. Content is king, so there is always a high demand for writers and copywriters on platforms like PeoplePerHour, Upwork and Fiverr. It may take a little while to generate a satisfying income, but once you have gathered enough experience and a strong portfolio, there is nothing to stop you from turning this into a business. Have a blog you post to consistently and use writing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App to produce quality content.

Above you have some different ways to earn money online. If any of the above peaked your interest, dive into it and become an expert in that field. Arm yourself with knowledge and experience, utilize the enormous amount of tools and resources available online, and there is every chance that you will successfully make money online!

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