15 Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Dubai

Best social media marketing companies in dubai

Social media marketing is an inevitable necessity for the success of any business today. No matter the niche of your brand – lifestyle and fashion, real estate, tech or travel, and hospitality – it is next to impossible to grow your brand if it is not through social media. Further, in a context where every business is leveraging the power of social media platforms, missing out on social media marketing can be diminutive to your brand’s competitive edge. This is where we come to the rescue – with the best social media marketing companies in Dubai.

Social media marketing in Dubai-based agencies allows brands, in UAE and abroad, to utilize social media to create a unique brand identity and build a strong, loyal community of followers and customers.

Now, one might wonder why to avail services from agencies when one can do the necessary marketing themselves and rightly so. However, what makes the services of social media agencies worth buying is that they save your time and investments. Not only this, since these agencies specialize in what they do, that is social media marketing, content and design, and production, your brand promotions are bound to be in expert hands. As such, your return on investments are higher and so are conversion rates. A plus, your brand can now directly communicate and relay your message to its customers without filters.

So, do you want to bring your brand on social media? Do you want to amplify the growth, sales, and traffic for your business? Then, check out the following social media marketing companies in Dubai that can help you become influential on social media through organic marketing and other digital solutions.

Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai


A premier digital marketing agency based in Dubai – FullyDigital is a global icon for marketing and advertising. Trusted by 500+ brands in over 42 countries, this agency offers data-driven marketing services to help you establish and grow your brand on social media. Whether you are a startup, a small to medium-sized business, or a non-profit organization, FullyDigital is the ultimate social media marketing solution for all.

If you are looking for social media marketing Dubai-based agencies, then this is where your search ends. They offer a range of services for social media. Some of these include marketing strategy and campaigns, content curation, social media marketing, data analytics along performance reports. From brand storytelling to design, from advertising to community management, this social media marketing company caters to all your requirements.

Further, they help your brand in terms of brand building, sales, engagement, leads generation and awareness campaigns. Their methodology is to run ‘zero friction marketing campaigns.’ In this strategy, goals are achieved organically through growth hacking, smart bidding, and optimized content distribution to target audiences. Be it any social media platform – from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook. FullyDigital can help you build your brand from scratch with their exclusive services.


One of the best social media marketing companies in Dubai, GrowBranding helps you build communities that matter. With the power of digital marketing, this agency helps you create and enhance your digital footprint to take your brand to the next level – online as well as offline. Each brand is different and therefore, requires customized strategy and planning. GrowBranding does precisely this. They devise social media marketing campaigns that are customized for your brand and its target customers.

Backed by a team of experts, this social media agency purports to build a stellar brand presence on social networks. Their targeted campaigns bring more followers and engagement to your social media handles. Some of the strategies that they deploy to achieve these goals include sponsored posts, promoted page campaigns, building custom audiences, and conversion tracking. By doing so, they monitor your progress to come up with better techniques, generate more leads and help your brand develop better relationships with the consumers.

It offers a comprehensive range of packages to cater to every budget. Further, this company for social media marketing in Dubai integrates marketing with social media optimization for maximum organic growth. Some of the other social media services that you can avail of here are – community management, content strategy, and management, graphic design for social media, photography, and videography. This means a complete social media marketing package to grow your brand like no other.


One of the best creative advertising and social media marketing companies in Dubai, LabelFirm comprises a team of passionate experts. With creativity, originality and an impulse for innovation, their team brings the best services to take your social media channels by storm. From campaign development to execution and management, they leverage every step of your brand’s social media growth. They utilize powerful communication channels to understand your brand message and communicate the same to your audience. By doing so, they ensure to deliver value to you and your target audience.

From creative advertising to SEO and social media optimization and marketing, LabelFirm takes care of it all. Also, they provide related services including video and animation design and production, branding campaigns, along with marketing collateral design and production. Further, if you are looking for a design and aesthetic to define your unique brand identity across social networks, then this is the agency for you.

Through strategic campaigns, they help you reach your target audience precisely at the moments that you need. As such, you get more social media followers, visitors, and build engagement. With LabelFirm, your business grows not just online, but offline as well. If you want to grow your brand on social media under a stellar creative direction, then go no further than this social media marketing Dubai agency.


Looking for best in class social media marketing companies in Dubai? If yes then, you might as well check out SkyBranding for holistic marketing and management of your social media handles. It offers social media services for both B2C and B2B companies along with a comprehensive range of budgets. With services for all pivotal platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more, this digital marketing agency is well-equipped to deliver effective marketing results.

SkyBranding brings to you an extensive suite of social media marketing and management services. Some of these include community management, influencer marketing, social media content, advertising, engagement and reporting, leads and revenue generation, mobile app marketing on social media, and several more. By outsourcing these services to this social media agency Dubai, you can rest assured that your social media handles are in expert hands.

They help you achieve these marketing goals through target market research, brand persona development, platform selection, strategy and campaign conceptualization, and best SEO practices. Also, they measure performance by concretely reporting on KPIs and providing insights. With social media marketing from SkyBranding, you can not only generate and convert leads, but also nurture your community for long-term trust and loyalty. For high quality, organic social media marketing in Dubai with growth that is custom-tailored for your brand, Nexa is the number one source without a doubt.


There is absolutely nothing that can beat stellar creativity and innovation. With Shoutzer, your brand gets precisely such creative direction to become unbeatable on social media. They comprise a team of seasoned digital aficionados who go that extra mile to deliver organic results that make a difference to your brand. Using their services, you can yield profitable ROIs besides adding value and impressions to your brand on various social networks.

Regardless of which industry your brand belongs to – hospitality, automotive, healthcare, real estate, education or even B2B marketing. Shoutzer provides a comprehensive range of social media marketing services to suit everyone’s requirements. From social media ad and campaign creation to design marketing and analytics and insights. This social media agency Dubai covers all aspects of your brand’s social media management. Further, it also provides exclusive services for creative and interactional design by creating visuals that define your brand.

Having worked for some of the top global brands, Shoutzer boasts expertise and experience in the field of digital marketing. Hence, their ability to think above and outside the box. Moreover, you can also create a social media mobile app for your brand marketing purposes with Shoutzer. They help you build interactive, responsive and mobile-friendly apps that facilitate communication between your brand and its customers.

EDS FZE Social Media Agency Dubai

One of the leading social media marketing companies in Dubai, the EDS agency is just where you need to come for your brand’s social media success. With 10 + years of experience in the domain of marketing and advertising, this agency stands apart in terms of the range of services that they offer. A perfect blend of creative, and technical marketing with analytical performance measurements, this social media agency brings everything from strategy, advertising, content, and marketing management under one roof.

From Facebook and Instagram to YouTube and LinkedIn, and even Quora and Twitter, the EDS agency takes charge of all. Through powerful and targeted advertising campaigns, it drives traffic to your social media handles. You can find your target audience and they will get their attention to your brand. Further, by using their services, you can set and meet your business goals – right from creating brand awareness, to getting conversions.

By using the power of social media advertising, they help you maximize your reach, get more website clicks and eventually, more customers. Some of the other services that the EDS agency offers are, social media influencer marketing, lead generation, geo-fencing marketing, cost per lead generation, social media video production and numerous more. With EDS, you can create strategy-led campaigns that meet your marketing objectives and goals within the budget that you want.

Global Media Insight

Are you looking for a social media marketing solution to accelerate the growth of your business? Then with Global Media Insight, your search has fruitfully ended. This social media agency Dubai based as it is, has a demonstrated history of working with top UAE brands among others. They devise effective social media marketing strategies for your brand that factor in the type of activity, marketing KPIs and the demographics of the audience you want to engage.

Global Media Insight offers social media marketing and advertising services for all major social networks. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn, this social media agency Dubai offers marketing and management for explosive brand growth. Further, you can also avail services for social media video production, content, multilingual content, campaign idea generation, copywriting and translation and Influencer Marketing from this company. They also help to plan and execute social media campaigns, targeted to increase traffic, drive sales, uncover consumer pain points and get user feedback.

With their team of experts, your brand presence on social media upscales like no other. Once you sign up for services with Global Media Insight, you will be assigned a dedicated team of marketers and managers. This team would analyze your brand profile, design a strategy, and execute it alongside delivering analytics and performance reports. With these services, you can rest assured about making your mark in the world of social media.

Ubrik Media

One of the best social media marketing companies in Dubai, Ubrik Media helps you build social media brands from scratch. From devising a strategy to picking a suitable social media platform; creating content to engaging audiences; from social media scheduling to boosting posts. Ubrik Media takes control of everything to build and grow your brand on social media and generate leads for your business. The first step in their approach is strong research and analysis of your brand, the market and customer behavior. This helps them to define concrete business goals for social media.

With their exclusive services, you can turn your social media accounts to your brand’s greatest assets. They do not simply bring followers, retweets, likes, shares or subscribers to your social media profiles. Rather, their focus is centred on building a community for your brand and a solid customer base for your products or services. By doing so, they generate results that convert and therefore, directly make profits for your business.

From Ubrik Media, you can also avail related services for content marketing, digital strategy, video marketing, lead generation, conversion copywriting, SEO and many more. Moreover, this social media marketing Dubai-based agency helps your customers reach you instead of your brand competing for attention in the digital arena. You can book a free consultation call with their experts to understand their approach and services better and see whether this agency is the best fit for your brand.

Digital Arabia

For top class, organic social media marketing company in Dubai, head to Digital Arabia without any further ado. Social media is the most powerful tool to communicate directly with your buyers, audience and clients. And Digital Arabia does precisely that for you. They help your brand build your social media communities to establish themselves in their respective fields. With marketing and branding services for platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, this social media agency Dubai is backed by 5 + years of experience.

Their powerful services provide aid in every aspect of your social media business. From content curation to mobilization of audiences and increasing the quality of sales. By doing so, they help you maximize the potential of your business on social media. With right marketing for your brand, they ensure that your content stays at the top of the Instagram, or Facebook trends. Besides, their LinkedIn marketing strategy aids your business in SEO optimization, lead generation, recruitment, brand awareness, and establishing authority.

Digital Arabia delivers only quality services alongside effective integrated marketing solutions to generate concrete results. They also provide other related services such as Web development, email and SMS marketing, video production and marketing, SEO and SEM, mobile application development and several more. Check out their website to see their work portfolio and tips and tricks for organic growth.

Volga Tigris Social Media Marketing Dubai

If you are on the lookout for social media marketing agency in Dubai, then with Volga Tigris, you have come to the right place. Be it marketing, advertising or social media management, this marketing agency does it all. Their approach is simple – to place the right content on the right platform on a fixed budget, and in front of the ideal customer and then, repeat it the next day.

With their services, they help your business arrive at more potential clients or customers, by structuring a plan custom suited to your business. By doing so, they generate ROI driven outcomes such as developing leads, driving online or offline sales, boosting website traffic and more. Further, they develop cost effective social media content and strategy to fit your budget. One of the key aspects of their services includes powerful target audience research and analysis. They continually invest effort in finding your fans on social media, their identity, their social media behavior and their interests and likes.

From strategy, contenti creation, community management to advertising, viral campaigning, tracking competitors, creative ad placement and videography. Their services cover every aspect of your social media marketing needs. Further, they help to relay your brand message succinctly so that your audience knows your personality as a brand. So, get started on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter marketing done alongside experts at Volga Tigris.

Alwafaa Group

The Alwafaa Group is not just another among social media marketing companies in Dubai. It brings authentic and genius digital solutions to make your brand a successful one on social media platforms. Right from setting up your social media business accounts to marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. The Alwafaa Group tackles and levels up your entire social media game. With strategic social media marketing, it helps your brand reach the right customers at the right time.

Further, it cuts down marketing costs significantly by improving search engine results visibility and getting higher conversion rates fast. It also curates content that influences your customers’ buying decision, thereby increasing sales. Here, you can avail plenty of other services that will help you boost your social media profiles. Some of these include YouTube advertising, Google AdSense, Campaign Idea Generation, SEO, Snapchat Marketing, video ads production and brand creative post production.

With offices located globally, this social media marketing Dubai based agency is one of the best at what it does. Comprising a team of experienced content creators and certified digital advertisers, the Alwafaa Group is your one stop solution for all things related to branding on social media besides other services. Their ulterior aim is to deliver higher returns on investment by undertaking a thoroughly analytical approach. So, without further ado, contact them through the form available on their website to get a quote for various services.

Erhaus Creative Agency

Your one-stop social media solution, the Erhaus Creative Agency is just where you need to reach out for social media success. With creative and skilled solutions for advertising, digital marketing, and design, this social media agency Dubai based as it is, is one of the global icons in organic social media marketing services. From advertising, branding and identity building, content curation, to design, social media management and analytics. This agency covers every detail to build your online brand from scratch.

The Erhaus Creative Agency boasts of a portfolio that features iconic brands including the Taj Group, among others. Now, this is itself a testament to its quality and prowess as a marketing services provider. Further, it features a team of creative experts, designers, content creators and a tech team that collaborate to generate results that make a difference to your brand. They create solutions that enhance the relationships of audiences or customers to your brand. And they do so, by creating content that speaks for itself.

Founded by Emad Rahimi, Erhaus Creative Agency was created with the aim of modernizing present day businesses and customer relations. Since then, it has a demonstrated track record of working for several industries including real estate, hospitality, fashion and lifestyle and more. They mainly cater to solutions related to advertising, branding, marketing and boosting social media content to mobilize audiences and build engagement along with a solid community and follower base for your brand.

ZE Social Media Marketing Dubai

If creativity is at the heart of what you do, then this social media agency is your perfect creative partner. From social media branding to photography and digital campaigns, this social media agency Dubai takes charge of all that you need to make your brand bigger. Whether you are a food brand or deal in tech, fashion and beauty or travel and hospitality, this agency has your social media covered. They specialize in creating a unique brand identity and persona and marketing that on social media to reach your ideal audience.

Further, they help your brand in creating impressive social media visual content with their top-notch photography services. Driven by a result-oriented approach, ZE Social Media Marketing agency bases all its work on concrete data. They curate a social media strategy tailored for your brand, based on existing metrics and audience data. Backed by these insights, their digital strategy purports to fill in the gaps that are preventing more audiences from reaching out to your brand.

Known for its qualitative work, flexible schedules and collaborative approach, this agency provides you the benefits of organic social media growth in a budget that would not break your bank. You could rely on this social media company based in Dubai for your social media design, content and strategy at large. To know more about their social media and other services, book a free consultation through the contact form available on their website.

Coffee Communications

One of the coveted social media marketing companies in Dubai, Coffee Communications is the ultimate creative digital solution. At large, it is a top brand consultancy and communication, social media marketing Dubai-based agency known to provide bespoke, innovative digital solutions for brands across industries ranging from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, hospitality, and more. You can sign up with them for creative branding, social media marketing, and promotions, photography and production services,

Nothing beats the power of a great brand story and Coffee Communications does precisely that for your brand. They turn your story into a powerful and captivating narrative for social media users to consume. Further, they combine modern-day branding and communication strategies with conventional PR to bring your brand into the spotlight on social media, completely organically. As such, your social media handles begin to attract more followers, likes, subscribers, views, and more. They also provide influencer marketing services by finding the best match to promote your brand.

Founded by Natasha Ekstedt, this social media agency Dubai helps brands make it big on social media, both locally and internationally. They boast of an impressive work portfolio featuring top brands in UAE and abroad. Moreover, their in-house team of experts is young and passionate marketers who are soaring on creativity and innovation in creating brands that stand out from the crowd. So, if you want to collaborate and brew creative ideas for your brand, then contact Coffee Communications without any further thought.

Kingsmen Marketing Agency

Looking for digital solutions for social media marketing in Dubai? Then, Kingsmen Marketing Agency is the best social media option for startups or small to medium-sized brands and businesses. They strengthen your connection to your target audience by relaying your brand message most effectively in a way that reflects what you do, your core values, and your vision as a brand. By doing so, they bring you the audience that cares about you and is interested in your services, content, or products.

This agency offers an extensive suite of marketing and management services from content and storytelling to scheduling and performance reports. What makes this branding and social media agency unique is that they try to catch your unique brand voice. Following this, they design strategic promotional campaigns to communicate that voice to your audience and mobilize them for better engagement and long-term loyalty.  You can also bank on them for creative videography and photography solutions. With creative visual solutions and powerful brand storytelling, they make your brand outshine your competitors on social media.

The Kingsmen Marketing Agency provides three basic social media marketing packages. Each of these offers 7 days of organic social media marketing and management done by a dedicated account manager. The packages include posting strategy, monthly scheduling calendar and reports, content creation, posts, design and creative stories. These three packages are priced at 6000 AED, 8000 AED, and 10000 AED for brand marketing on two, three, and four social media platforms respectively.


Social media is an inevitable part of any brand’s online strategy. Not only does it provide a fertile platform for business growth and extra revenue generation, but also offers a direct communication channel for your brand and its customers. And as mentioned before, it is precisely through social media that you can get an edge over your competitors and build credible, long-lasting relationships with your audience or customers. With selective social media marketing in Dubai-based agencies, your brand can achieve all these goals with professional expertise.

Be it strategizing campaigns, idea generation, social media advertising, design and graphics, videography, content creation or platform management and performance tracking. These social media marketing agencies take charge of it all so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business. So, what is there to wait for? Get the job done by the experts, grow your brand, and see the results that will make a difference to your business and its customers.

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