17-year Old Making Fortunes Through Instagram

Carter Jamison is a 17-year-old entrepreneur based in Oklahoma, US. He is the owner of Gateway Giveaways, a company that assists celebrities in hosting giveaways. His clientele boasts of celebs like Bobby Shmurda, Lil Durk, Ally Lotti, G Herbo, and many more.

Business Idea

Carter has been using Instagram since the tender age of seven. He was always fascinated with the photo-sharing application. Instagram has now transformed into one of the biggest social media platforms, and Carter loves consuming content on the application.

He used to observe the kind of content that worked on Instagram and what did not. Carter compiled this information and experimented with different strategies to grow his account on the platform. He now boasts of more than 190k+ followers on Instagram.

Multiple Businesses.

He also realized that he could replicate the result for other people. It led to the idea of offering services to clients. Soon he started getting fantastic results for his clients. With word of mouth, he became a popular name in the Instagram growth marketing space.

Carter took the business one step further by creating Gateway Giveaways, a company dedicated to providing real-time Instagram followers through the power of giveaways. The company boasts of growing any Instagram account by 50,0000+ real US followers within 24hrs with a giveaway.

He also provides strategies to scale Instagram accounts without a giveaway. This service targets clients who do not have the budget for a giveaway. Carter offers these services through the Gateway company. Carter is also expanding his business with Gateway Models, a company that will help his clients become Top Models.

Carter is a proud businessman now, but he has gone through his own sets of sorrow. There was a time when he was confused as to what he wanted to pursue in life. Moreover, there were a lot of naysayers around him, trying to bring his self-worth down.

But Carter knew he had a good idea in his hands. He shut the world off and worked hard. Carter says it has been the best decision of his life. Not paying heed to the haters is the advice he wants to give out to the youth.

When asked what he loves the most about his job, the 17-year-old smiles and says, ‘Celebrity interaction is my favorite thing’. Carter is a people person and enjoys hearing stories, getting to know clients better, and connecting with them on a deeper level keeps him invigorated.

Pandemic And Future Aspirations

The pandemic helped him concentrate more on his business. Carter cannot wait to take his business to its full pace as now the vaccination drives are in place, and things have returned to normal. Although the pandemic did not affect his business much, the atmosphere was a little tense for doing business.

Carter is constantly investing and diversifying his sources of income. In the near future, he wants to scale his business and wants to create enough wealth for him to last for a lifetime and beyond.  He is on the journey to becoming the biggest in the industry.

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