3 Copywriting Tips To Grow Your Business Online

We all are getting blasted with a lot of content these days. Both good content we want to see but other content that is, at times, not wanted.

When it comes to the online business world you hear about the importance of creating content, recording videos, setting up funnels and so on. These are all extremely important to succeed in today’s digital arena, however, there is a piece to this puzzle that often gets overlooked…the science and effectiveness behind copywriting.

Over the years you have probably heard a lot of different viewpoints on what copywriting is and why it’s important. Some are good and some are bad. The main point you need to keep in mind is that, in today’s business landscape, effective copywriting is extremely important for you to succeed.

Solid, well-written copy not only drives traffic to raise your brand awareness, increase revenue and generate leads but it also promotes you as an authority in your field. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to form trusted relationships with your audience.

The days of watching endless commercials on TV or looking at major billboards as the main form of advertising are fading. As the marketing landscape continues to shift to digital, one of the most impactful ways you can lure in your audience or prospects is through the right choice of words.

Whether you are trying to market to customers online, in person, over the phone, or any other type of medium. The words you use either sell or tell.

You need both at certain times in your business but what I’m seeing a lot online is that people are telling more than they are selling and then wondering why their business isn’t thriving.

This is why I wanted to tell you my three copywriting tips to grow your business online.

1. You offer to help your prospect by making it relatable

Offering a hand or a solution to a problem someone is facing is the best route for success in any business. Now if you can do this with words the first time someone comes across you, your content, or your product or service, it can be powerful.

Not only will this make people actually want to spend more time on your website or inquire about your product some more, it instills a sense of faith in you and your business. When someone feels that you understand their problem, they trust the solution you have to offer.

Being able to relate to my audience is a big reason why I only sell products I’m passionate about. If you sell something you love, that love and enthusiasm for what you’re selling comes across in your words and can be very contagious.

So if a customer has a pain point and you offer to help them and are able to do this through your copywriting, it’s game-changing and one of the biggest advantages you can have over your competition.

Don’t just use words to educate, use words that sell.

2. Tell a Story

Another powerful tip to use with your copywriting is to make it about a story. Find some time in your life whether it was positive or negative and take your prospect on a journey with you. Walk them through that door, and show them the way to solve their problem.

Not only is this more engaging, but it allows us to put our prospect in a position where they can experience the same epiphanies and realizations about your product or service as if the story was actually happening to them. 

Keep it real and keep it simple. If you’re not authentic in your storytelling, it will come off as insincere. If you drag the story on and veer off into irrelevant details, you will lose the interest of the reader.

When done right this is a powerful copywriting strategy that is used all the time by top marketers and entrepreneurs because it just simply works.

3. Your Offer Actually Does Matter

What some people out there seem to believe is that you can have amazing copywriting and get someone to click through to your sale page, and they’ll automatically buy.

This is completely wrong because no copywriting can hide a bad offer. (if you put whipped cream on a piece of shit, it’s still a piece of shit. To put it bluntly). 

Your offer actually does matter. It’s almost worse to have amazing copywriting, taking your prospect on a journey, and then all of a sudden trying to sell them something they had no interest in buying but your words just persuaded them to keep clicking through.

This is a deceptive business tactic that, in my eyes, is worse for you than having a good offer with bad copywriting. We teach these skills inside of Affiliate Institute.

Start from the offer and work your way back to ensure everything lines up. Don’t be deceptive. Instead, be captivating with your copywriting and remember that in the end a good offer always wins. 

Gone are the days of writing copy as purely informational pieces. Today, you want to write copy for a business that evokes emotion, that inspires and most of all, that is memorable. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be copywriting like a pro in no time!

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