3 Innovative Ways to Market Like Gary V

Even if you’ve been living under a rock—unless that rock gets horrible cell reception—you still probably know all about Gary Vaynerchuk’s successful approach to building a successful and influential brand for your business.

He advocates that anyone anywhere can build a powerful presence that creates a loyal audience simply by passionately utilizing the digital platforms that we have freely available.

Through countless success stories, it’s irrefutable that, when utilized properly, his systems and tactics work wonders for helping you deliver your message to those who are eager to hear it. This ultimately builds lasting relationships between you and the people who benefit from your unique value because they resonate with your approach to whatever it is that you are passionate about doing.

There are three crucial aspects of Gary’s system that are profoundly valuable to business owners who are trying to develop deeper relationships with the potential clients they want to serve.

And when implemented with intention and urgency, they can have an immediate impact on your business’s ability to attract new customers.

Grow your business by utilizing these three strategies to level up your content while building a loyal audience filled with prospective buyers.


Get off of the Pedestal

If the absurdly successful rise of reality TV has shown us anything, it’s that people connect powerfully to the human experience of imperfection.

Humans relate strongly to other humans when they have things in common, so when you are creating content that engages your audience, show them that you are a real person, just like them.

It’s okay to not always be polished.

It’s okay to reveal your bloopers and blunders.

It’s okay to let your hair down and show your audience that even though you’re the expert in your field, you don’t have every little thing figured out.

Yes, you want to create content that has relevant and actionable value, but that doesn’t mean you have to portray the embodiment of perfection every hour of every day. Create intensely strong connections to your audience by weaving in your doubts, frustrations, and failures with your expert insights and action steps.

Use your mistakes, and how you overcame them, to engineer highly valuable—and highly relateable—pieces of content that will have your audience trusting you in a whole new way.


Consistency Is Still—Unsexy—Key

It’s easy to create a value-packed and highly-engaging piece of content when you’re well-rested, super motivated and everything seems to be going your way.

It’s a little more difficult to do that when your car won’t start, three potential clients just said ‘no’, and your neighbor’s barking dog kept you up all night, depriving you of some much-needed sleep.

Regardless of what is going on in your world, you need to engage your audience with consistency. That’s what builds trust and likeability.

Think about it this way.

How likely would you be to use Google if it only gave you relevant search results when it was in a particularly good mood, which was about 30% of the time? You’d probably take your business elsewhere, right?

Well engaging with your audience and providing content is the exact same way. Consistency lets them know they can count on you!

Whether it’s once a day, once a week or once a month, commit to a content-creation frequency that allows you to show up for your audience in a repeatable way.


Good Intentions

With content marketing becoming such an important component of business growth strategy, it can be very tempting to create your content simply as a means to a client-acquisitioning end.

And while your content is a core component to creating relationships with people who will ultimately become paying customers, it’s sole purpose is not to close sales.

Becoming hyper-focused on this one particular outcome can detrimentally impact the quality of your content and actually drive your audience away. Your fans are smart and they will be able to catch on when every piece of content you produce has the ulterior motive of corralling them into a sales funnel.

Instead, when creating your content, start with the authentic intention of providing value and relevant insight that your audience really needs.

But yes, you want to strategically incorporate calls-to-action within your content.

Yes, you always want to have a logical next step for your audience to take for them to learn more about you and your services.

But remember, you are creating your content with the intention of helping them, knowing that in time, they’ll come to you and your services for a solution whenever that time may be.


Have Fun

The most important aspect of how you market, create content and engage with your audience is that it should be fun.

What’s more enjoyable than being yourself, sharing what you’re passionate about, and helping people in the process? 

Incorporate these three strategies into your content marketing strategy and you’ll grow a bigger audience, reach more loyal clients, and feel passionately fulfilled in the process.


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