3 Pocket Exercises to Clear Your Mind When It Gets Messy

Stick with me here as I’m about to peel back the curtain and show you how you can keep your mind cleaner than Mr. Clean’s head.

It took me about 4 minutes.

I pour all the water from the pot down the sink. I reload the coffee grounds, but, before I do, I notice something….

The filter from the day before was still sitting in my coffeemaker. It looked completely filthy. I used that to make coffee yesterday. I was certain not to use it again, so I threw it away.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it this morning…

But that’s not all.

It wouldn’t be the first time I accidentally made coffee using yesterday’s filter.

Could you imagine what that would taste like?

It doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Well, what if I told you that over half the population on earth forgets to clean their mental filters every day?

That would be silly because that means we would be living our day-to-day lives with a messy mind…

And we do.

You see, every day of our life, we wake up, getting ready for something like work. And we are eager to clean the coffee filters and brew fresh coffee so we can “win the day.”

BUT… we are slow to change our own mental filters.

And that doesn’t allow us to win the day because we didn’t win our minds.

We don’t wake up with a new filter.

We wake up with a mind cluttered with yesterday’s problems and yesterday’s worries.

We don’t give ourselves enough room to receive a new day like it’s new.

We end up feeling the same as yesterday because we’re using the same mental filter we did the day before.

There are a thousand reasons to clear our minds. We all have something that inspires us to be better people each day. Once we find our source of motivation, we become unstoppable forces of success.

But getting started seems to be impossible, right?

Not anymore.

Do these 3 things in the fashion you want and your mind will be clearer than the waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

1. Listen to the Piano

Before you tell me I sound silly, allow me to explain. You don’t have to walk into JC Penny and sit by the piano guy because you read an article online telling you that would make your life better. It’s much more simple than that – I promise. Here’s what you do. When you wake up, listen to an instrumental piano sound you like and play it in the background. You can listen to this as you brush your teeth, shower, journal, clean around the house, or even while driving. Having a soft sound enter our minds with a gentle melody helps us think at that similar pace. And it continues to relax your mind. Our minds are attracted to sounds that are positive and friendly. I do this when I journal or work out because it helps me forget about my worries. In fact, I am listening to the piano play as I write this for you, which leads me gently into my next point.

2Maybe a Loud World Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

If you’ve ever stood in the shower while the water endlessly hit your head and your eyes were closed, you know where I’m going with this. You think about the silliest things in the world. You think so deeply about things you thought you didn’t know or realize. And that was all because of this: you were using one of your 5 senses: Hearing. What does that mean? It means that when we hear a consistent sound, we enhance our focus by concentrating on it. Imagine you’re sitting outside on your front porch on a summer morning. You hear the birds chirping. You hear the traffic moving on the street. You hear the train screaming at everyone downtown. Gear your mind towards the birds’ conversations. Listen to them. Focus solely on hearing the birds chirp and nothing else. Hold it for a good minute or two. Pretend it’s the only noise around you. And soon it will be. This clears your mind because the only thing you think about is what’s there, not the future or the past.

3. Stay Hydrated

I’m going to sound like the health teacher you had in high school after you’re done reading this part. You see, we already know we need water, so this will be brief. But this isn’t about needing water. It’s about staying connected so we walk with cleaner minds. Not only does not drinking water make you weary, but you begin to think less clearly and it puts you in a bad mood, too, because your mind is cluttered. Drinking water every morning after your sleep is one of the most effective ways to do this. Do this around noon again. Drink another water bottle. Staying hydrated puts you in a good mood. It lets all your internal organs function like they should. You’ll have more thinking power. And this will help that brain of yours stay clear.

My last words for you…

In the world you and I both live in, we will run into distractions wherever we go. We will have them at work, at home, and even in relationships with people we love. What we have to keep in mind is that all those areas of our lives become better when we become better.

And the best part is?

Today, you added a few more tools to your toolbox to help build the better version of you you’ve been dreaming of.

With gratitude,




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