3 Ways Real Estate Agents Help Sellers

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Selling a home can be an emotional process since humans have an innate ability to attach meaning and value to inanimate objects that make it difficult to part with them later on. Logically we understand that a house is simply a shelter made out of building materials and filled with items that, in most cases, will come with us when we move.

But on an emotional and psychological level, a home is as much an extension of ourselves, our loved ones, and the memories we’ve made there as it is an object. Thus, without an estate agent’s help, it is possible for sellers to find selling their homes even more difficult than it already tends to be.

Agents are knowledgeable

As much as digital listing companies like to promote the notion that anyone can sell their own home, the process is complex, and the average homeowner can get tripped up in all kinds of challenges along the way. The best real estate agents offer sellers valuable knowledge and insights regarding anything from how best to price their properties to why it’s important to disclose issues found during an inspection.

They also know far better the type of buyer to market a specific home to; how to make a property ‘pop’ to entice more views and, thereby, sell it sooner; and who best to work within respect to ensuring quality inspections, banks, and lawyers. Having access to such knowledge can prove invaluable for sellers and substantially reduce the stress associated with selling a home.

Agents are objective

When selling a family home, it is possible for sellers to desire a much higher price than their property is actually worth, simply because it holds sentimental value for them personally. An estate agent’s objective understanding of what buyers are looking for, how a property compares to others in the area, and the amount of work a property might need to make it liveable for a new owner can help sellers list their home at an appropriate price and, thereby, sell it faster.

Sellers can also avoid potentially losing out on income from having to lower the price due to being on the market too long. Agents can further objectively reason as to whether or not an offer to purchase is reasonable, and can negotiate on behalf of the seller so as to remove emotions from the deal and ensure that all parties are happy with the outcome.

Agents lower risk

When people are in a heightened emotional state (i.e., stressed), they can more easily make mistakes. Sellers who are poorly versed in the legal requirements of selling a home, who are unfamiliar with the negotiation process, or who allow their emotions to dictate their selling price – be it listing too high or accepting an offer that’s too low – can increase both their legal and financial risk. Hiring a good agent to take care of the process can, by comparison, significantly lower such risk.

With agents offering all this support, it makes sense to hire one.

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