4 Easy Rules to Get Yourself out of Poverty Tomorrow

Making money isn’t easy, but it is simple. Whether you make $12 an hour or $60,000 a year, the concept of money doesn’t change, nor does how it is made. Humans, after all, play life with a different zero. Some of us play with more than others, giving us an opportunity to make more of it, but the rules of the game don’t change, only what is at stake. Having been a millionaire since I was 27, I have found that there are critical rules to follow if you plan to exit poverty, and enter the 1%.
Read, memorize, and apply these four simple rules and watch your net worth sky rocket.

Stop Expecting Others to Support Your Laziness

The minimum wage in the United States is there to help you get a starting job and grow from there. It is not meant to be the same job you keep for 30 years. If you find yourself protesting or fighting for an extra $3 an hour, you may want to consider how worthless your time is.
Consider that the reason you are not making any money is not because others don’t value your time. The reason is that you don’t understand the words “value” and “time”, and certainly don’t understand what “skills” are, because you mainly misused your time and did not acquire any.
If it took you 30 years to learn how to serve ice cream, work a cash register, or speak the language of the country you live in, then you may want to consider that laziness has more to do with your lack of money than anything else out there.

Stop Expecting Life to Be Easy

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce Lee.
Expecting things to be easy means you give up the first time someone says no. Moving up at work isn’t easy, finding a better job isn’t easy, saving money isn’t easy, not spending money isn’t easy, and just about everything else in life does not come easy.
While these things seem to be difficult, they are all possible and simply require something called effort. We all have a different definition of effort, and mine is whatever it takes!
Believe it or not, even owning a Lamborghini takes work and effort, but it’s much more fun than the effort it takes to own a Honda.

Stop Making Yourself Feel Good That You Are Poor

Poverty is a problem; it’s like being an alcoholic. The only way to fix it is to admit you have a problem. If you think that you’re below the average lifestyle living paycheck to paycheck and settling for the life you have is okay because you are blessed by the greater power above, have your health, and have a family you love.
Well, I have this incredible revelation for you:
You don’t have to be poor to be blessed, have a family, and even worship any god you want. You can be wealthy and enjoy all of the above. I can give you hundreds of examples of people who have money and are happy. Admit you have a problem, admit making $50K a year isn’t ‘balling’, and admit that you don’t know what to do. Once those three things align, you will start realizing that the one thing holding you back from all you ever wanted in life secretly is you. You chose your friends who keep you down. You chose the things you refuse to learn because they seem hard. You choose how hard you work each day, and you choose how dedicated you are to changing your life, even if it takes 10 years.

 Stop Hating Money

Get inspired by it. This is honestly the most annoying thing in the world to me. Every time one of you sees money on the road or someone else’s incredible luxuries that you cannot afford, you find a hundred reasons why that person has it easy: rich parents, support from friends and family, or had all the luck in the world. You make these excuses to prevent yourself from doing any of the work needed to get there. It’s so much easier to not do something than to figure out a way to get your very own set of luxuries, right?
Listen, I get it, but this is what makes you stay poor. You don’t believe you can get the life you want, either because it’s hard, or because you prefer being lazy, or even because you are afraid to fail. But at the end of the day, it is possible. I, myself, was poor during my younger years, but I never looked at money with hate. Instead, I looked at all those people with crazy cars and big houses as people not to envy, but to learn from. They had something I believed I could have too, but I didn’t know how to get there, like many of you. However, I was willing to ask the right questions and more importantly, listen to what I was being told. Some people were not nice to me like they will be to you—and you deserve it, especially if my three first points apply to you—but remember, nothing is easy.
You might have to ask a hundred people before you get one good answer. The best part for you is that unlike when I was getting out of poverty, you have access to technology and can Google almost anything you want to know.
You have access to incredible books like Third Circle Theory or the Secret Entourage Academy, where you can meet 250+ extraordinary people who do want to teach you. I never had these things, but you do.
In the end, it comes down to your ability to understand money and that spending more than you earn is simply not a good long-term strategy. If you can find in yourself to adapt to these four basic rules, then I can promise you your life will eventually take a turn for the best.

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