4 Reasons You Should Have Vinyl Records

When thinking about the significance of vinyl records, it is important to understand why old fashion is still the way to go. I could sit here all day and talk about why vinyl should be a part of your everyday life. But, we will make sure to only touch up on a couple of those reasons and drive deep to what owning a record and vinyl is all about.

Vinyl is a rush through history when sitting down and listening to its sweet sound. Not only is vinyl more rustic and sounds cleaner then the typical downloaded music, it is a run through history and odds are that your mom listened to vinyl as well as her mom listened to vinyl. Vinyl has stayed extremely strong in the past for one hundred years; the vinyl record is still going strong today. The difference between iPhones and vinyls are huge and there is a lot more appreciation behind the noise that comes out of a rustic clean vinyl record. iPhones and MP3 players just do not give you the satisfaction of listening to music like a vintage vinyl will. In the list below will be four reasons why vinyl is the best way to listen and collect music. 

1. Vinyl can improve your taste in music.

The crazy thing about vinyl records and how they have improved our taste for music is astonishing. You can not go to the store today and find very new music because you can just hop on your phone and download it without going out of your way to find a vinyl. People can be lazy and going out to find vinyl as well as vinyl records can be difficult for a lot of people and people do not want to put in the work to collect vinyl. People that prefer vinyl have a better taste in music and can be a lot pickier about what music they are listening to because a lot of the reasoning behind the collection of music is the reason why they will listen to it. It is like the same thing as collecting old cars or even collecting old vintage coke cans. It is all about the process and what happens when you are constantly putting your collection together. 

2. Buying vinyl can be an experience.

When you are passionate about something it can be super easy to go out and experience collecting something and get collectors high. It can be addicting to find that perfect vinyl that you have been looking for. It shows that your hard work and dedication can be paid off and will be paid off if you continue to show up and experience these vinyl experiences. The wonderful part about vinyl shopping is you might just be scrolling around and find that you stumble upon a store and start to look and see a super rare vinyl just sitting there. That is the wonderful part of vinyl collecting and what it can do for your life.

3. Vinyl just simple sounds better when you listen to it.

There is something about vinyl that just sounds better from the start of it playing. Vinyl has a rustic sound that can not be replicated and made better. The sound from a vinyl is the clean source of music that you can experience without actually being there with the live artist themselves. The sound is so realistic that it is very hard to not tell the difference within vinyl and actual music that was downloaded.  The vinyl collecting hobby is a beautiful hobby to have when you appreciate the history of music.

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