4 Steps to Build a Business Empire and Stay Grounded at the Same Time

Every entrepreneur wants to become successful. That is, after all, the name of the game. But many, many entrepreneurs in business have also shared the challenges that come along the way—and many struggle to maintain a sense of deep fulfillment. If you begin the path solely in search of money and the ethereal title of “success,” it can be easy to tunnel-vision your way to the top, only to get there and feel unfulfilled.

Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs speak often about the need for self-reflection along the way, and keeping one eye focused on what is actually going to bring you a deeper sense of happiness.

One entrepreneur with a very unique story knows this struggle well, and speaks often on the subject: Marshall Sylver. As a hypnotist turned business leader, speaker, coach and more, Sylver spends quite a bit of time working with individuals and hosting workshops helping people find their passions—and then teaches them how they can turn those passions into viable career paths.

According to Sylver, finding this path of fulfillment requires four key steps:

1. Try, try, try, until the right passion presents itself.

Sylver says, “Life is a buffet. You have to sample lots of different things before you find the one you like the most. Imagine what you could do every day if you were already a billionaire. Whatever that thing is, is your passion.”

It’s a tough question for many to answer—and one that usually prompts the cliché response, “I would travel!” You can only travel for so long. You can only jump out of planes and go jet skiing so many times before you will want to focus your energy toward building something. So ask yourself, “What is it that I would want to build, simply out of curiosity?”

The answer to that question will most likely lead you in the direction of your passion.

2. Surrender to the process.

After many years of entrepreneurship (in a particularly tough industry: hypnotism), Sylver has learned first hand the value in enjoying the journey.

“Life is already perfect. Finding it less than perfect is a waste of time. As the saying goes, ‘It is what it is.’ You have to really understand and believe that in order to move effectively along your path,” said Sylver.

Another key point he shared in tandem with this is to forgive those around you—especially yourself—for any mistakes or wrongdoings that happen throughout the process. By forgiving yourself and others, those actions no longer have power over you, and you are better able to effectively move forward.

3. “Utilize” versus “tolerate” the circumstances in your life.

The best entrepreneurs know how to take their weak points and turn them into hidden strengths.

“When you are certain that everything in your life is unfolding for your greatest good, then you will have more prosperity than you will know what to do with,” said Sylver.

It’s all about making use of what is around you, your circumstances, and the skills you have at your disposal. The people who complain or blame others for their current situation never end up going anywhere. But the ones who take accountability and action end up becoming successful.

It’s a mindset, and one that takes practice to cultivate.

4. Serve others.

“When your life is a mission to serve others, you will be blessed beyond anything you can possibly imagine. You always have to be asking yourself how you can help those around you. That’s how things come full circle,” said Sylver.

In an age where it is most popular for entrepreneurs to tie themselves to a positive social cause, you have to always remember that truly serving others isn’t just an action or a donation. It’s an emotion, a vibe you exude with everything you do. It’s the way you interact with people, the way you communicate and convey your intentions. It’s sometimes expressed in the things you don’t do and don’t say, even more than the things you do.

Remember to always look for ways to give back, and you will find yourself with an abundance of both opportunity and fulfillment.

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