4 Tips for Growing Your Client Advisory List

Finding new clients can seem somewhat impossible at times. Many factors can limit your ability to get connected with new clientele, and there may be more than one reason you are suddenly unable to get in touch with new clients.

The world of financial advising moves quickly these days, and people are not as loyal to their investment advisor as they once were. You have to think about ways to retain and care for your existing clients while also getting leads on new clients. This can seem like a daunting task if you are not using the right strategies to take care of your unique client contact needs.

If you are ready for some tips about how to grow your client advisory list, read on!

Tips for Growing Your Client Advisory List

Financial advice is an area of expertise that requires that your clients trust your wisdom, along with your planning skills and your ability to read the market. This is a much more complicated relationship than working with a home design expert on a remodel or trusting someone to help you design a product that you want to buy.

Financial advisors are tasked with creating trust and creating lasting bonds with their clients through years of expert advice that generates results.

1.       Word-of-Mouth

While you may not be able to control the word-of-mouth portion of your new client outreach, you can make sure that your work is done carefully and with attention to detail for your existing clients. This will fuel their interest in telling others about the job that you have done for them. If you have an established book of clients, you can also use these people to help you to get new leads.

Holding client events can lead to a fun time for everyone that makes your business more memorable, and it can encourage existing clients to bring a friend to the event. This is a great way to build trust face-to-face without having to be a hard sell.

You can also get leads to friends and family of your existing clients through discussion with them. If they mention that they have a friend who is worried about saving for college for their kids, hand them a business card and suggest that their friend talks to you. So long as you are not pushy, this can be an effective way to grow your client list.

2.       Provide Added Value on Your Website

People cannot work with you if they cannot find you. You might be running ads on a social media account, or you might be using google ads to drive traffic to your financial advisor website, but this may not make you visible enough to get access to new clients.

If you want people to find you efficiently, you should consider starting a blog and sharing added value content on it. This can be information about saving for college, planning for retirement, explanations of loans, or credit scores. You want to relay information about topics that will help your potential clients learn about their finances and start to engage with you and your business.

Building this first trust with added value offerings can go a long way toward getting people interested enough to reach out to you about a consultation. Added value content clarifies that you are in the business of helping people rather than the business of making money.

3.       Attend Public Events

Along the same lines as offering added value content online, you can do the same face-to-face by speaking at local events about investing. Head to a college and be a guest speaker or provide charitable donations for local events.

Becoming involved in the local community can make a huge difference in your ability to connect with new clients. The more diverse your public appearances and involvements are, the more likely it will be that you get new clients from these efforts.

People who actively think about investing might find you quickly, but people who have never considered investing need your help; they don’t know it yet. Make sure that you are available, that you seem friendly and open to discussion about these topics, and as a result, you will gain new clientele through these public forms of outreach.

4.       Consider Honing in on a Niche

While you will offer all of the usual array of financial investment services at your business, you might find that most of your clients need a particular type of advice and support. If you have determined that a large portion of your business book needs help to save for retirement, this might be a valuable niche to cater to in your ads and other outreach.

Being an expert in niche markets can be very helpful toward driving more business and new clients your way. This is because people tend to gravitate toward anyone who states that they are an expert in a specialty item due to the effectiveness in this kind of business space of word-of-mouth.

One of the other benefits of being part of a niche market is that you can often charge higher fees over time as you become associated with this specific planning and financial management. It might also help you target your business planning and your own time more effectively to maintain consistent financial support for your clients.

Growing Your Financial Advisory List Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

If you leverage these tips, you will find that growing your financial advisory clientele is not as hard as you thought it might be. Getting started on the process of becoming visible and connected to your community is a great start. You can also hire an ad and content management company if you don’t have the time to generate online content to drive interest in your business.

Using these tips and tricks will help your financial advisory business become more visible and attract new clients while supporting and impressing existing ones.

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