The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs: Which One Are You?

If anyone knows this it’s entrepreneurs- no one should put you in a box. 

While there are millions of variables when it comes to the personalities and types of entrepreneurs out there, it seems that for the most part there are four core traits that stand out every time. 

These four traits are aligned with the laws of nature and can help to determine the type of entrepreneur that you are, and the approach that you take to running your business. 

Neither trait is better or worse than the other, they are just different, and through understanding which trait you lead with it could help you to gain a deeper insight into how you operate in all areas of your life.

Here are the 4 Types of Entrepreneurs:

Type #1: The Fire Entrepreneur 

This type of entrepreneur gets an idea and is likely to run with it faster than a speeding bullet train. Before their idea is even fully formed they will be out there making it happen and turning their idea into a reality. They are also extremely passionate and can only give their attention to projects that excite them in some way. Fire entrepreneurs are also natural leaders, and do better at coming up with the ideas rather than executing them. Where fire entrepreneurs get into trouble however, is that they often give so much of their energy in the beginning that it often it leads to burn out. Fire entrepreneurs have the tendency to start multiple projects and never quite get around to finishing all of them. Fire entrepreneurs need to learn how to channel that passionate energy to last the distance and also need to surround themselves with a supportive team that can help bring their vision to life. 

Type #2: The Water Entrepreneur 

This type of entrepreneur is driven by their emotions and needs to feel good about every decision before it is made. Water entrepreneurs are often very intuitive and may also take chances based on intuitive hunches and feelings that they get about certain people. In fact, intuition can be very powerful for a water entrepreneur and can often lead them to great success. Water entrepreneurs are also careful and methodical and often like to wait till the timing is just right before executing things. To feel inspired about a project, water entrepreneurs need to feel that what they are working on will genuinely help to improve people’s lives in some way. They are also extremely creative and need to feel free to express their creative vision with all of their projects. Water entrepreneurs need to be mindful however, of getting too caught up in illusion and fantasy. Often they lose sight of the main goal and can drift off into tangents. They can also have unrealistic expectations towards people and projects. To help balance this energy, water entrepreneurs should surround themselves with a more grounded and practical team. 

Type #3: The Air Entrepreneur 

This type of entrepreneur is all about making connections and networking. They understand that through connecting with others they have a better chance of turning their dreams into realities. Air entrepreneurs are excellent communicators and salespeople. They can often close a deal in a matter of minutes with their charm, wit and knowledge. Air entrepreneurs are also extremely intellectual and often crave data and facts in order to make sense of things. Air entrepreneurs may also feel drawn to teaching, blogging and writing about their journey in order to share it with others. Air entrepreneurs work best as part of a team and love to collaborate with others. It is through this collaboration that air entrepreneurs can really make leaps and strides with their business ideas. While air entrepreneurs are highly charming they can also be manipulative and tend to know the right things to say in order to get their own way. This can land the air entrepreneur into trouble if they are not careful about what they say and what promises they make. 

Type #4: The Earth Entrepreneur 

The earth entrepreneur has plenty of stamina and will quietly work away on project after project until they strike gold. Earth entrepreneurs are highly driven and very little can deter them from following through on their business ideas. Earth entrepreneurs are also perfectionists and like everything to be perfect before making the next step. Even though this can sometimes delay things, earth entrepreneurs have a way of seeing the bigger picture and know how to plan for the future. They are also extremely smart and often highly educated. While they prefer to do things by the book, they can also be open to shortcuts if there is enough evidence to support taking that route. Because of their meticulous habits, Earth entrepreneurs can be slow to rise to success and are often adverse to taking risks. Even though this can delay their success, eventually they will reach the top. 

As you can see, these four traits are aligned with the laws of nature and may indicate how an entrepreneur will choose to run their business and go after their dreams. Some entrepreneurs may resonate with all of these traits, but chances are there are only one or two of these traits that most entrepreneurs will lead with. 

Which of these entrepreneur types do you resonate with?

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