5 Entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021

Most people need to be their bosses. Some of those people in business all over the world have achieved new heights of success.

Even if they are not entrepreneurs, many people have a good idea. In 2021, a list of five companies whose stories will inspire you was compiled. We tell the stories of entrepreneurs who had to start their businesses from scratch.

1. Godwin Mitchual

Godwin Mitchual is a music entrepreneur currently living in Accra, Ghana, in West Africa. He is the Co-founder of Independent New Media Company— Unorthodox Media, Music journalist and Editor for Unorthodox Reviews, and a publicist at UR-PR, a reputable music PR agency in Africa.

Godwin Mitchual, whose real name is Godwin Kwabena Anim Appiah, was fascinated by the power of social media and how it could affect the public relations of individuals or brands at an early age. With his PR agency UR-PR, Godwin Mitchual helps manage the reputations of mainstream and not-so-mainstream musicians by controlling their narrative and getting them featured in reputable blogs and media outlets.

UR-PR also offers music distribution as one of its microservices. This helps musicians sell their music on digital streaming platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Audiomack, and Boomplay and music marketing services, including getting artists featured in reputable blogs and securing editorial playlist placements musicians. 

Godwin Mitchual has enjoyed notable profiling names in the music industry throughout his career, such as Seyi Shay, Efya, M.anifest, Vis-A-Vis for publications such as Pan African Music Unorthodox Reviews. 

His initial aim for starting his company was to bridge the mainstream and not so mainstream in music. His purpose is to join forces with like-minded individuals to get African music to the rest of the world.

2. Vidya Venkatraman

Women-owned businesses with a strong desire to assist others in building and growing their businesses. On 3 May 2020, amid Covid-19’s global pandemic, a start-up company was founded to produce excellent results by providing the world has creative, digitally-driven marketing solutions.

Her team has helped over 50 businesses with social media marketing, graphic design, franchise advisory, PR, content writing, photo and video shoots, influencer marketing, packaging, and website development, among other things.

“While this pandemic was a perfect example of how everyone felt the power of digital content,” Vidya believes, “every brand should have a strong digital presence globally,” to usher in a new digital era of profitable growth and valuable productivity.

3. Ayoub Rasmi

Ayoub Rasmi is a 27-year-old Entrepreneur and Business Executive, Based in Milan and Marrakech. 

Rasmi is a Member of the Entrepreneur Europe Council. 

He is currently the Founder and CEO of Liv Rental, a company whose core business is the short-term rental of cars and luxury apartments and other services in the tourism and hospitality sector, a reality born in 2018.

Today the company owns various brands, including Liv Milan, Liv Marrakech, Oasi Marrakech.

His company Liv Rental has been making a lot of noise in the Rental industry recently, despite the crisis due to the pandemic; for this reason, he is currently in the spotlight of the Italian and international media, indeed, one of the best entrepreneurs under 30 in Italy to look out for in 2021

Instagram: @rasmiayoub

4. Bethany Dorn

Bethany Dorn’s first attempt to start a business failed miserably. Only after she was let go from her job during the pandemic did she decide to restart her business. Dorn’s rocky experience helped her land a job at Briggs and Brighton, a well-known South Carolina custom jewelry company.

“It’s time to get me to where I’m at now, to try and fail,” Dorn says. “I’m grateful to you for learning from [your mistakes] because you know you won’t make them again.”

5. Rohit Badrul

Badrul Rohit alias Badrul Islam is born in the small city of Guwahati in India. He comes from a financially backward family.  He started his successful journey as a waiter and now owning the world’s one of the best bar and hookah catering company Portable Bar Services. Badrul Rohit is one of the best Mixologists around the globe.

Did more than 1000 events around the world. And he has given services to more than 1million guests. He has given more than nine years to the hospitality industry. And worked with many multinational brands like Hyatt, Taj, Marriott, and many more. Currently, he is the brand ambassador of many big beverage brands in India.

Talking about his company Portable Bar Services then they have highly trained employees on the concept of 3C’s: Creativity, Commitment & Cooperation and dedicated to providing customers with a wide assortment of bar & hookah management services for all sorts of corporate and personal events.

You can contact him and his team for any kind of get together whether it will be of 10 or 10lakh people Badrul and his team are always ready to grove the best service in the market.
You can connect with him on Instagram @rohit_k235.


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