Which of These 5 Influential People Is Your Soulmate?

I remember beginning business school thinking I’d learn the true meaning of success. I thought I would discover a single definition that would lead me to future glory. After interviewing 200+ marketers, business owners, and executives, I appreciate this more than ever. There are many ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and I take strength in this. There isn’t one overarching way to become your best self, although there are certain patterns I’ve spotted.

When it comes to marketing and entrepreneurship, There are five main categories.

Which of These 5 Influential People Is Your Soulmate?

I’m still searching for the secret to success, and although I believe originality and being yourself is one of the key ingredients that separates the best from the rest, there’s a lot to say about learning from others. These are people who have been there and done it, so as you read the rest of this article, ask yourself which category you fit into—and what you can learn from your marketing soulmates.


The Marketing Maverick

When Dave Kerpen got married, he managed to raise over $100,000 in sponsorship—$20k of which went to charity. When it comes to exposure and word-of-mouth, Dave is a true pioneer. This has lead to bestselling books, new companies, and an ever growing audience of eager readers. Like Dave, you may have a true gift for traditional marketing. You don’t only create, you reach the masses and get huge press—each and every time. You know the right journalists, have access to the right publications, and have the creativity to capture your customer’s imagination during launch and long after.

You’re a marketing maverick who shares common ground with the likes of Dave Kerpen, Scott Oldford, and Beate Chelette.


The King of Sales

There are not many people who will spend $500 on a hoodie to go running in, but when you’re a king of sales like Neil Patel is, you can afford to. Like Neil, you may have a knack when it comes to selling. You say the right things, to the right people, at the right time. Money comes easy to you, no matter what project you work on. Money may not be what makes you tick, but money is certainly part of what you’re good at. You’re a sales sensation, and your marketing soulmates include Neil Patel, Steve Olsher, and Brian Horn.


The Freedom Fighter

When AJ Leon was offered a big promotion on Wall Street two weeks before his wedding day, he turned it down so he could start his own business and change the world. Today, AJ splits his time between Misfit Inc and numerous humanitarian projects that change the lives of thousands each year.

Like AJ, you don’t wish to settle for the easy or obvious solution. You wish to change the world with your marketing, not only making money and building success, but leaving a much grander legacy. When you relate to someone like AJ, you share your outlook with other freedom fighting marketers like Natalie Sisson and Marianne Cantwell.


The Creative Go-Getter

Being a high-flying executive and part of a corporate machine didn’t stop Debbie Millman from unleashing her creativity in her job, and with her personal projects. Through bestselling books, in-demand speaking, and one of the Internet’s most popular podcasts, Debbie balances her creativity and work in a way that brings sustained success and happiness.

Like Debbie, your creative flair may set you apart from your colleagues. You branch out. You’re an outlier. You find ways to not only create substance, but you weave creative and artistic magic throughout. You share a kindred marketing spirit with the likes of Debbie Millman, Sol Orwell, and Jeff Goins.


The Master Connector

When Jaime Masters decided she wanted to escape her $70,000 of debt and never look back, she committed to interviewing hundreds of millionaires so she could listen and learn from them. This lead to her popular show The Eventual Millionaire, and an awe-inspiring network of investors, serial entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and thought-leaders who have helped her develop her own $10+ million business.

Like Jaime, you value those you connect with, not only meeting them, but befriending them. You buy into the notion that it isn’t what you know, but rather who you know. You’re a marketer with an enviable rolodex, and you share this is in common with Jaime Masters, John Corcoran, and Dorie Clark.


This Is How to Discover Your Soulmate

Which of these successful people do you relate to the most? Are you a marketing maverick, the king of sales, a master connector, freedom fighter, or creative go-getter? I’ve met dozens of each, and success can be had in all instances whether you’re part of a large company, a small startup, or branch out on your own.

There is no right or wrong answer.

There’s a lot to learn from each.

So decide which you best relate to, and then commit to learning as much from your soulmates as you can. And if you need help recognizing who your soulmate is, you can take this quiz and find out in less than 90-seconds.

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