5 Key Trends to Pay Attention to at Staffing World 2019

Staffing World is back, bigger and better than ever before. As visitors prepare to visit this expansive, immersive expo from all corners of the globe, here’s a glimpse of the top trends to look out for at Staffing World 2019.

The worlds of business, recruitment, human resources, and staffing are evolving continually, and this means that new trends have emerged since last year’s event. With Staffing Word 2019 on the horizon and details of sessions and workshops now available, here are 5 key trends to look out for.

HighPerformance Tech for Soaring Sales

Technology and staffing are more interlinked and interwoven than ever before. With technology playing an increasingly integral role in the way businesses operate, it’s crucial for companies and organizations to understand how to utilize high-performance tech to drive sales. While technology can be hugely beneficial for those working within the staffing industry, there is a degree of hype that surrounds some so-called ground-breaking innovations. Not every venture will benefit from investing in every new technological development or example of gadgetry or technical wizardry. Attending Staffing World 2019 can help to root out the most effective tools and systems with a view to sending sales soaring, making processes more efficient, and encouraging engagement with candidates and clients.

Making AI Work for You

There’s a degree of trepidation linked to the rise of AI and bots, particularly within the realms of staffing and recruitment, but this new form of technology can actually enhance operations. As well as offering benefits for business owners and customers – for example, speeding up the process of getting help with an order – AI can also eliminate tasks that distract those who work in staffing from focusing on core jobs. The use of bots, for example, can streamline processes, enabling staffing employees to devote more time to interacting with candidates and customers.

Smarter Marketing

Marketing plays a critical role in promoting companies, attracting clients and candidates, and creating a strong brand image, but it’s not always a ticket to success. For a marketing campaign to work effectively, it has to be aligned with your primary objectives and priority targets. As time passes, consumer demands evolve, and new technology and communication platforms become available, it’s essential to ensure that your marketing strategy remains relevant. If you’re not enjoying the returns or results you expect, learning about smarter marketing could make all the difference.

Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity

Diversity and inclusivity have been important buzzwords in the last 12 months, and more and more staffing companies are looking to introduce and develop ways to promote inclusion and offer opportunities to a wider range of people. Championing women, for example, is a subject of great interest and intrigue. The key is to encourage people from all backgrounds to aim high, but also to provide the resources, tools, and platforms to enable those who do try to progress to achieve their objectives. In addition, there’s a spotlight on encouraging cohesion and creating workplaces that celebrate diversity and inclusivity as standard. Attending sessions and workshops can help those working within the staffing industry to make changes or alterations that maximize the chances of creating working environments that allow individuals to flourish.

Finding and Nurturing Top Talent

One of the most pressing concerns reported by industry insiders is a lack of talent. It can be a challenge to source enough candidates with the relevant qualifications, and this problem is compounded by the issue of keeping hold of talented individuals further down the line. The first obstacle is finding talent. People are looking for jobs in different ways, and staffing experts have to respond in a manner that enables them to connect with the kind of people they’re searching for. This may mean introducing new ways of locating and contacting candidates and using a different approach when reaching out, for example. The second hurdle is nurturing talent and encouraging people who have the potential to keep climbing the metaphorical career ladder. Ways of promoting progression among candidates that worked in the past may no longer be relevant or effective – in which case, it’s important to find new ways to motivate and inspire.

Staffing World 2019 is just around the corner, and this year’s event will focus on a diverse range of subjects, hot topics, and trends. From generating profits and promoting inclusivity to increasing revenues, finding new ways to work with tech and AI and identifying and nurturing talent, there are plenty of talking points to look out for.

Guest Author: 

Giridhar Akkineni,  CEO AkkenCloud

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