5 Politicians Who Embrace Bitcoin and Crypto


The U.S. Presidential elections are still more than a year away, yet the news has been abuzz with the candidates who are throwing their hats into the ring. It’s safe to say that election season is certainly underway.

While not yet a top-priority concern for most Americans, there’s a growing segment of voters who consider a politician’s stance on cryptocurrency as closely tied to their values, influencing their voting decisions.

Let’s take a look at four U.S. politicians who have been open about their affinity for crypto, along with one wildcard who might not have come clean about it just yet… 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (D)

Democratic presidential hopeful, RFK Jr, openly confirmed his ownership of Bitcoin during a conversation on Twitter Spaces with podcast host Scott Melker. Kennedy revealed he bought two Bitcoin for each of his seven children after speaking favorably about it at the Bitcoin Conference in May.

Kennedy’s endorsement of Bitcoin goes beyond private ownership – he’s advocating for exempting it from capital gains taxes, and even stated he would back the U.S. dollar with Bitcoin, should he become the next president.

Cynthia Lummis (R)

Lummis has long been held in high regard by crypto users as one of the most pro-Bitcoin voices inside the U.S government.  “The Senate’s Crypto Queen,” has gone on record saying she likens Bitcoin to gold as a store of value and hard money, and co-founded the Financial Innovation Caucus; an initiative which aims to facilitate responsible financial innovation within the U.S.

Moreover she is well known for seeking collaboration with the SEC to create regulations that foster rather than stifle innovation within the crypto space.

Kirsten Gillibrand (D)

Teaming up with Senator Lummis, Kirsten Gillibrand introduced the “Responsible Financial Innovation Act,” a bipartisan bill designed to establish comprehensive regulatory frameworks for the cryptocurrency industry.

“When we met with industry leaders, they said “We just need to know what the rules of the road are.” Gillibrand explained, before detailing what their response was in the video below:

Gillibrand has also worked on another bill with Senator Patrick Toomey (R) focusing on stablecoin regulations, emphasizing her belief that the crypto agenda goes beyond traditional party boundaries.

Francis Suarez (R)

The Mayor of Miami made headlines in March 2021 by personally purchasing both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Later that year in August, Miami introduced its own cryptocurrency called MiamiCoin ($MIA) which was designed to generate funds for the city. It allowed individuals to mine MiamiCoin and contribute to the city’s treasury, aiming to create a new stream of revenue for Miami’s development projects.

Under his leadership, Miami has positioned itself as an attractive location for crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. Furthermore in a recent announcement, Suarez declared he will be accepting Presidential campaign donations in Bitcoin.

Donald Trump (R)

Ok, so this one you’re probably scratching your head at – it’s our wildcard. Trump has been vocal in the past about not being a fan of crypto, calling it a scam and “ a disaster waiting to happen.”

However, has 45 had a change of heart since that interview in 2021? Exhibit A for this argument would be the launch of his “Trump Digital Trading Cards” NFT collection, which garnered a huge amount of attention and sales volume.

Following this, it was recently revealed that a wallet likely belonging to the former president holds over 1,500 ETH ($2.5 million.) These actions hardly align with a crypto skeptic’s behavior, yet no official statement regarding his stance has emerged since that famous interview with Fox Business.

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