5 Proven Tips to Increase Engagement Rate on Instagram

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Instagram is the fastest-growing online shopping portal globally. Well, we know what you’re thinking. Instagram was intended to share pictures & videos, this scenario has changed over the last decade or so. People have grown their businesses manifold on Instagram. 

Right now we will tell you incredible ways to grow Instagram followers. Previously, growing on Instagram was easier. However, with time, growing organically on Instagram has become more difficult. Getting engagements and reach on Instagram is a nightmare right now. 

However, let’s be realistic for a moment. Millions of Instagrammers are still making a living out of Instagram. So, how are they doing it?

What if we tell you what you need to do to gain the same traction? Here are 5 ways to nail it on Instagram – 

#1. Story posting is key nowadays – 

Ever since the “Story” section was introduced, it has changed everything. Stories are a perfect way to sneak-peak. When more followers see what you are up to, they will relate to you better. 

Successful Instagrammers don’t write everything. They simply record a video and talk to the audience. That’s how you can create a genuine bond. Creating a community of your niche should be the idea. You can do so much with stories. So many Instagrammers use polls to understand market trends. However, holding a poll can be a simple choice too! It’s all about grooving with your audience. 

Moreover, you can host giveaways too! Gaining traction through stories is easy. And, building competition or challenge around your niche is the easiest of all. Simply ask your audience to play along. Hold a carrot in front of them of course. It can be something meaningful or rare or simply expensive. 

Play with stickers and ask how good a particular picture is. You can also do “Ask us anything” on stories. Instagram is all about how engaged you are with your profile. When you interact more, people will notice you better. Plus, there are hundreds of filters to play with. Use them to show what your daily life looks like. 

#2. Just Be Consistent

No, it’s not just about the consistency of posting. Although, that’s quite a dominant factor. Let us circle back to it after a while. So, here’s the thing about consistency that many won’t tell you. 

Have a strong bio. Now, what does that even mean, right? To begin with, identify what your niche is. Your bio must tell a lot about you or your brand. But not too directly. People are identifying themselves with particular socio-economic movements. Go “plastic-free” or identify yourself as someone who supports local artists. That’s a great way to write a bio. 

Your brand perception will depend on your bio. So, be gentle but firm. Moreover, have the perfect logo for your display picture. It’s ideal that you have a website and that you turn your page into a business account. Now, look at your feed. If there are too many colors, it will not pick up engagements. Keep the color palette of your insta-feed synced. People remember brands through an emotional connecting point and colors. Make sure you are doing that right. 

After visual consistency, comes your posting frequency. Don’t post too little (like once in 3 days) or don’t post too often (like every 3 hours). Both are detrimental to your cause. 

#3. Engage with influencers 

Influencer engagements can be done in so many ways. Let’s start with paid promotions. They can either post something special about you or give you a shoutout. However, not everyone has the financial backing to engage influencers.

So, what’s the way out? You can collaborate with influencers. Although for this, you need to have something special. Unless you bring something to the table, there is no way influencers will do anything for you. Some people offer to promote in exchange for some products/services. 

Another excellent way to drive more engagement is going live with influencers. Trust us, not many people know this yet. However, some experts like Neil Patel agree. This is a trick that many are missing out on. 

Simply go on live and converse with influencers. You don’t need super-influencers even. Get micro-influencers with the following range between 10 thousand to about 100 thousand. They usually have more credibility and a hyper-active fan base. 

#4. Instagram Reels 

Ever since TikTok, short videos are everywhere. But you’ve got to concede to the idea though. It’s sharp, small, and carries a message. That’s all you need really. Who cares about 10-minute long videos anymore. Every social media company is creating its own. 

Within months of TikTok’s release, YouTube got their Shorts, Instagram got their reels, so on and so forth! Well, you get the idea. Just upload small fragments of information with a hustling background. Make sure something is happening in the frame. That’s all. Add trendy music to it. Use relevant hashtags with it. And boom! 

Your engagements will skyrocket. 

#5. Understand your audience 

That should have been the heading point! But, better late than sorry. So yeah, understand your niche and audience. 

If you are a brand you need to find the right audience for yourself. Not everyone is on Instagram looking for your services, are they? But let’s assume that your product/service is something likable for a social media website (and not some software).

Once you get the pulse, you will get them easier. Not all kinds of people similarly interact with social media posts. And, never try everyone or the “more the merrier” approach. It doesn’t work if your posts don’t get engagements despite packing 10s of thousands of followers. 


In the end, all that could be said is – Instagram is awesome! They may have cut some corners with their algorithm. But, they have given a lot of opportunities to grow organically too! 

We hope that you follow our tips and get more likes on Instagram posts. And, if you are already nailing it, do not forget to leave your Insta ID/link in the comment section below. Also, tell us how you have been doing so great. 

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