5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Blockchain

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of blockchain. It is one of those popular terms that everyone is talking about, but many don’t know much about it. That is why there are about as many online searches about blockchain about online Optimum packages and discounts. Like the latter, blockchain is something all kinds of people can benefit from. Thus, it is a good idea to teach yourself some basics.

For starters, blockchain technology is a system where you use decentralised data. Simply put, it is a ledger of information where everything directly connects to the source. This means that instead of parts of data only being associated in a chain, all aspects are connected to the primary source. Hence, in blockchain, data storage is spread out in an even way. Moreover, each block of data is connected to the one behind it through a cryptographic link.

While all this sounds complex, it isn’t really. Blockchain has made positive impacts in a vast number of areas. Out of many, here are five reasons you should consider learning blockchain.

#1 Wide Career Options

While blockchain technology is still new, it has fast become a career favourite. Therefore, adding it to your skills will open up many new doors for you. In the job market, there is a great demand for blockchain experts. Meanwhile, there are not enough people who know it. Hence, learning blockchain will quickly bump you up the career ladder.

If you jump into blockchain and master its tricks, you will be an asset to employers. Thus, you will have various career options lined up. Moreover, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety. Since blockchain has many uses, you can adopt it in diverse fields. Furthermore, you will benefit from it in many different technical roles. For example, you can be a blockchain developer. A blockchain developer helps businesses build blockchain platforms.

Similarly, you can opt to become a blockchain designer. As a blockchain, you will deal with UI/UX designs. Another popular career option for blockchain experts is consulting companies on blockchain solutions.

#2 Efficient Governance Systems

Recently, blockchain is a popular choice for governance systems. Since blockchain technology is transparent, no one can tamper with it. Moreover, no one can copy or share data that has been stored in a blockchain. This is because all who view the data view it from its primary source. This keeps sensitive data safe and reduces the risk of misuse.

Hence, governments in many countries are now opting for blockchain technology. For instance, Dubai was the first to adopt blockchain for governance. Similarly, South Korea has been making plans to use blockchain in elections. People often complain about rigging in elections. Governments can address this through blockchain. Since blockchain is secure, it can make online voting a safe process.

#3 Protection Of Digital Identity

In this era, everyone has a digital life. Hence, your digital identity is as vital as your real one. With COVID-19, most types of work have moved online. From banking to schooling, online is the way to go. Therefore, it is essential to have secure online profiles.

You can achieve this through blockchain technology. Hackers and identity thieves can’t access your digital identity if you protect it through blockchain. Thus, you can protect your digital identity by using blockchain. Moreover, you will guard yourself against cyber-attacks, cyber theft, and online fraud.

#4 Smart Investments

In 2021, cryptocurrency is more popular than ever. Since Bitcoin was launched a decade ago, many similar currencies are now available. As cryptocurrency uses blockchain, learning blockchain will help you invest in the crypto market. Through the knowledge of this technology, you can invest, trade, and earn profits.

Blockchain forms the underlying system currencies like Bitcoin. To trade in such currencies, you need to know the basics of blockchain and DLT systems.

#5 Gateway To The Future

At this point, we can easily say that blockchain is just the beginning. With strides in modern technology happening daily, you must keep pace. Right now, blockchain is the newest technology you can get into. If you learn it now, you will add to a vital part of history. Moreover, experts are discovering new things about blockchain every day.

Therefore, there is a lot of potential for innovation. In the future, people will have many different uses for blockchain. All types of industries will utilise it in various ways. Thus, if you learn blockchain now, you will be ready to use it alongside other new technologies.

As time passes, professionals in science and technology will make many discoveries. In the future, you will probably be using tech that isn’t even here yet.  Hence, it is always an excellent choice to keep up to date to prepare for the future.


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