7 Lessons Wakesurfing Teaches You About Life And Business

7 Lessons Wakesurfing Teaches You About Life And Business

When you are out on the water, on your board, you might realize that wakesurfing can teach you a lot about life and patience. But, you might not have realized that it can teach you about business as well.

The lessons that you have learned about bravery and patience while wakesurfing can all transfer to the other parts of your life. Here are some of the most important lessons that you will ever learn about life and business from wakesurfing.

1. When an Opportunity Presents Itself, Grab It


Opportunities sometimes appear in unexpected places. This isn’t limited to your ability to choose a wakesurf board, but instead, opportunities will sneak up in bigger places. On the water, this could be when a huge wake comes up and you need to grab it when you see it.

The same is in life and in business. This is true when you get a chance to make a business move or a life move that could make a huge positive difference in your future. It is always risky, but you will only regret the opportunities that you don’t take.

2. Do Not Succumb to Fear

Succumb to Fear

New opportunities are scary, whether you are out on the water, making a life decision, or making a business move. Out on a wake, if you succumb to fear, you are going to wipe out. In life, if you succumb to fear, you might not achieve what you wanted to do.

In business, succumbing to fear can mean complete business failure. Never succumb to fear. Failure is only possible when you have decided to give up or are too afraid to take the next move. Fear is normal and human, but can be overcome.

3. Commit to Every Action


Faltering in a movement when you are out wakesurfing can mean that you are going to biff it hard. If you don’t commit to your movement, you will not complete your movement, and you will only set yourself for trouble. In life, not following through on something will mean that you cannot reach your full potential.

It can harm your relationship. In business, it is the same thing. When you only put in part of the effort or don’t follow through, you are building a reputation that you are not reliable. You do not want to be flakey in business.

4. Continue to Try New, Hard Things

Try New

Easy things are easy for a reason. Anyone can do that. When you try something new, it is usually going to be hard. This is true in wakesurfing, when you might be trying a new movement that might have seemed impossible before.

In life, it could be any new thing or skill. In business, it will mean branching out. Trying new things might feel scary, but you will never grow in life or business if you don’t stick your neck out once in a while.

5. Always Look For the Next Move

Next Move

Out on the water, you will need to look ahead to know what you should do next. You don’t just let the water lead you. Instead, you need to look for the next move, wherever it might be.

In life and in business, sitting still and not looking toward the future will lead to complacency and you will not experience any kind of growth. Always look for the next move or steps that you can take in order to move forward in your business.

6. Cheer On Colleagues

Happy Colleagues

If you are the one not out on the wake, you should be the biggest cheerleader you can be for your friends who are. This works in life and business as well. In life, sometimes those around you might be further along in their careers or have more relationship success.

Their successes do not reflect on your own and you should encourage and celebrate them. Business is the same. When a colleague has had more success, it might be hard, but congratulating them and showing what a good person you are will make them more likely to work with you in the future.

It’s hard to work with bitter people. So regardless of whether your friend is a better rider or is their career, always be the encouraging voice.

7. Trust Is the Foundation Of All Success


It can be really scary to trust those around you, whether you are wakesurfing, in a relationship, or even in business. In business, it can be hard to let go and delegate tasks.

You have to trust that the people around you will do their work. In life, you also need to put your trust in loved ones to build better relationships.

In wakesurfing, trusting the person who is driving the boat will allow you to let go and have a good time.

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