7 Reasons Why Startups Need PR

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Developing a marketing strategy is an essential part of creating the infrastructure of a startup. New business owners have an important decision to make: should you handle marketing in-house, or find an experienced marketing/PR team that can help you? Working with an outside firm allows you to take advantage of marketing expertise and a broad range of services that an in-house marketing/PR coordinator may not be able to provide.

There are many different kinds of PR and marketing firms, each with their own unique specialties, focuses, services, and scopes. Not all PR firms are capable of providing all of these benefits, but generally speaking, these are a few ways that public relations can maximize your business’s potential or help you out of a difficult situation:

Building credibility

People want to trust a brand or company, they want to know that a brand is reputable and known. Many PR and marketing firms can help you build your brand’s credibility with authoritative content and legitimate press. This goes hand in hand with the next essential benefit,

Establishing an online presence

An online presence is critical to a company’s success in the modern age, where many buyers begin their searches for all kinds of products on the internet. Brands with legitimate press that appears in search results are generally seen as much more trustworthy and credible than brands that have little or no online presence. Features in reputable publications have the potential to turn your brand from invisible into an industry authority, and many PR firms can place articles and press releases at esteemed sources.

Improving reputation

Establishing and maintaining a positive reputation is especially important during the early stages of a business. You want to start off on the right foot, because it can be much more difficult to repair a still-forming reputation after early missteps. One bad review out of thousands won’t hurt, but one bad review out of five or ten can have a significant impact on your business.

No one knows quite when a growing business’s reputation will solidify in the minds of the public, but companies should do everything they can to make sure they’re on the positive end of the spectrum when the needle stops moving.

Overcoming scandals

Is a recent scandal or social media fiasco preventing your business from reaching its full potential? Problems beyond your control can stop a business in its tracks, leaving customers hanging and employees scrambling. Public relations firms are trained to handle these situations in a variety of ways, from pushing down negative search results and replacing them with positive ones to rebuilding a reputation after the damage has already been done. Discuss your options with a PR team or professional before making any rash decisions.

Branding and marketing

Some PR firms can help companies to market their products and services more effectively, with many agencies offering a wide variety of press and marketing services. While no one knows a product better than the company that created it, many PR firms have experience with marketing all kinds of products to all kinds of consumers. They can provide valuable perspectives and knowledge regarding marketing and audiences that companies might not know.

Handling the hard work for you

Not all businesses have the resources to hire a dedicated employee for marketing and public relations, and not all teams have the time, energy, or manpower to learn and manage these skills themselves. Outsourcing to a PR firm can allow a business to focus on what it does best while still reaping the benefits of a stainless reputation and expert-level marketing.

Public relations and marketing services can help your business in more ways than you might think. Leveraging these services can enhance your business’s visibility, authority, and reputation.

Full-service PR firm Imperium Group recommends meeting with a PR/marketing team to discuss your business’s specific needs and goals, as it could awaken you to problems and possibilities you might not have considered.

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