CauldronSisterss: Super Women Capturing The Food Consultancy Industry


Commonly referred to as CauldronSisterss, Ratika Bhargava and Riccha Khetan (Ratzz & Ritzzy) are big names in the food industry. This sister duo has been on a path-breaking journey in the field and has paved their way towards shining success.

With their inspiring determination and dedication, CauldronSisterss ventured into the unconventional area of food packaging and aced it. Having started this flavorful, exciting food journey in 2015, today CauldronSisterss are among the top grade entrepreneurs and consultants in this domain.

Their work is no more limited to packaging or consultancy. From delivering home-cooked and restaurant-style cuisine to arranging several workshops and courses for aspiring individuals, CauldronSisterss are everywhere!

CauldronSisterss’ remarkable achievements are like a window of hope for all new-age food entrepreneurs in Jaipur. They have led the foundation for those passionate youngsters who are willing to contribute and dedicate themselves to this arena.

Working with many recognized and renowned names of the industry, CauldronSisterss have showcased an amazing amount of hard work and expertise. Their experience and specialization in services like – Menu designing & creation, staff training, sustainable packaging, market research & analysis, cafe conceptualization & planning, etc. is unmatchable.

Checkpoints In CauldronSisterss’ Food Journey:

  • Self-taught cooks: CauldronSisterss’ love and passion for food is something that drives them more towards learning. They’ve mastered the art of cooking a variety of cuisines like Indian, Mexican, Thai, Moroccan, Spanish, Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian, Burmese, and Sushi. By taking up several courses and workshops by world-class chefs and food-focused travel experiences, CauldronSisterss have further widened their scope of knowledge.
  • Authors: CauldronSisterss have always been in awe of Indian cuisine and culture. One such dish is Khichdi which is highly popular and loved by most Indians. Documenting all the stories and significance of different versions of Khichdi, CauldronSisterss (Ratika Bhargava and Riccha Khetan) wrote the cookbook titled ‘India ki Khichdi’.
  • Food Caterers: Exclusively curated food hampers and deliveries by CauldronSisterss are so famous that they deal in bulk orders for different occasions like family gatherings, corporate meetings, and high-end lifestyle exhibitions. CauldronSisterss have delivered orders ranging to over 500 in one go, without compromising with their quality or standards.
  • Trainers & Facilitators: Sharing their knowledge with more than 300 individuals all over the world through conducting several workshops and courses, CauldronSisterss even provide personal assistance to organizations like IHM. They’ve trained their chefs while working in restaurants and also provide the best consultancy services.
  • Endorsers: CauldronSisterss have great customer loyalty in their name, which is why they also are a prominent source of authentic information over the web. Endorsing various brands like Gustora, Ashoka Oils, Kitchen, Mahou Maestra, etc, they also manage social handles for many fashion houses, cafes, and hotels, etc.

When coming to achievements, _ CauldronSisterss have a long list of these. Recently, they won a national award under FBAI. Ranveer Brar, Rashmi Uday Singh, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Rocky Mohan are some of the names included in its judging panel.  CauldronSisterss were also awarded at the Social Symphony conducted by Pathfynder last year.

In March 2020, they were honored with the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD by the I Care Foundation. Other than these, CauldronSisterss were also recognized as the BEST FOOD CONSULTANTS award in 2018 and BEST ENTREPRENEUR IN HOSPITALITY 2019 by IIHM London, and IIHM Institutes.

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