A Decade of Helping People Getting the Most Value for Money – Free Stuff Finder Turns 10

A Decade of Helping People Getting the Most Value for Money - Free Stuff Finder Turns 10

Happiness cannot be bought. But there are some deals online that can put the biggest smile on your face. The only flipside, these deals are hard to come by. Not because they aren’t enough, but because not everyone has enough time to invest in looking for them. That’s where Free Stuff Finder comes in. This app has featured among iPhone’s Top 200 Apps since its inception in 2019. As they complete a decade, the successful company celebrates years of helping people get the most cost-effective stuff!

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Free Stuff Finder started as digitalized yellow pages of best deals online. Tina Su, the owner and founder of freestufffinder.com, has been labeled the “money-saving expert” by the media. No prizes for guessing why. For this mother of two, “A good product is sometimes as good as the deal on it. Here’s how I see it – we are growing as a global economy, taking baby steps out of consumerism and towards conscious buying practices. Nevertheless, buying lots of cheap stuff for less money can turn out to be the same as buying less but better quality stuff for more money. And not everyone who wants a utility item has the means to purchase it. My answer – find yourself the best deal, or let us help!”

Today they are among the top 5 sites in the US for finding deals. The simple idea and the humble app, which boasts of 43 million users since 2011, achieved its herculean success by being consistent and honest. As Tina puts it, “We work every day throughout the year. And every day, we show people how to save 50% off or more on their purchases. We publish all the best deals online for our American users, and we do so by collaborating with some of the best online retailers and hand-selecting the best sales available. Over time, our app users have grown into a community of sorts who now themselves share the best deals they may come across online. Now, that’s the kind of success a small business like ours had set out to accomplish way back in 2011.”

Ten and counting, Free Stuff Finder is here to stay and show us the power of a good deal. Here’s wishing them all the best.

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