A Guide to Every Pride Flag

The Queer community encompasses many separate groups, each of these groups have their pride flags. With Pride season right around the corner, you will be seeing all of these flags flying high, and if you need to brush up on your Pride flag knowledge, you came to the right place. 

A Flag for Everyone

While the rainbow flag is meant to include the whole gay community, some division has been in the past, and some people do not feel like they are included under that flag. Others fly their rainbow flags proudly. They just also enjoy flying flags that more clearly identify their sexual identities. 

  • Progress Pride Flag

This is a flag created to truly represent all the letters in the “alphabet mafia” it is a rainbow flag with a triangle at the start of the flag that has the colors of the transgender flag. Then it has to lines surrounding that triangle that are brown and black to represent both our brothers and sisters of color and the souls we have lost in the fight against Aids.

  • Pansexual Pride

The pansexual flag consists of 3 horizontal stripes. This flag is meant to represent that they have no gender preferences in a partner. The first strip is pink to represent women, the second is yellow to represent non-binary and gender-fluid people, and the last is blue to describe men. 

  • Polyamorous Pride

The polyamorous flag Consist of 3 horizontal stripes with the mathematical symbol for phi in the center in yellow. The stripes are blue, red, and black from the top. The blue is to show the openness and honesty that exist between polyamorous couples. The red is used to represent the love they have for one and other, and the black is used to describe our brothers and sisters that have to hide their relationships from the world. 

  • Transgender Flag

The transgender flag consists of 5 horizontal stripes. The color pattern of the stripes is baby blue, powder pink, white, powder pink, and baby blue. The flag is designed so that it can never be hung upside down to represent that there is never anything wrong with a person who is transgender at any point in their transition. The light blue and pink are meant to represent the traditional genders, and the white represents individuals in the middle of their transitions. 

  • Genderfluid Pride

The Genderfluid flag consists of 5 horizontal lines. The color pattern from the top is pink, white, purple, black, and blue. The flag includes traditional colors that represent masculinity, femininity, and everything in between. 

And The List Goes On and On and On

This is honestly just scratching the surface of all the flags you will see this year at pride but hopefully represents individuals we listed a few that you didn’t already know. If you see an unfamiliar pride flag this summer, take a few minutes to either ask the person who is flying it or do an internet search and find out what group it represents.

It is vital as a community to respect and understand all the people who make up our community. We are all one family and have to stick together. Learning about all the different groups will help you to understand them better and even make new friends. 

Pride is the time of year that we get to celebrate ourselves and our community. Enjoy all the festivities and be safe. Now you can impress all your friends with your knowledge. When they see a new pride flag and look confused, you will tell them precisely what it means without even breaking a sweat. 

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