A Quick Peep Into a few Walkme Competitors

There are so many advanced platforms and software that can help and transform your work. You can be sure that your business grows and you get an edge in your work. But if you are not making the most of advanced digital means and options; you may be lacking behind.

Talking about walkme, it actually pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to alter the user experience in the present day overwhelming digital world. With its enterprise-class guidance, proper engagement, insights and automation platform, employees are much more efficient and productive, executives possess better visibility into digital usage, and organizations exploit the full value of their digital assets and successfully guide their enterprise via digital transformation.  You can easily make the most of Walkme competitors too if you so desire.

What should you know?

This Digital Adoption Platform is an overlay on top of any sort of enterprise system that makes it much more convenient for employees to finish any type of task and use any system. With in-app proper guidance, automatic processes and by examining the user’s digital journey, walkme involves with users at the exact moment of requirement and makes them more effective and productive.

Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations are in a position to have full visibility into digital usage, permitting them to exploit the complete value of their digital assets. 

Alternatives You May Want to Explore 


Pendo offers you a blend of product analytics, customer feedback, and user onboarding software. With Pendo, you can conveniently form up product walkthroughs, gather feedback, and monitor the behaviours of the users and analytics.

In case you are looking for software that is going to help you to understand your customers better, you must choose Pendo. But in case you want to create good user onboarding and in-app experiences, then perhaps Pendo may not be the right and best tool for that. Without any sort of doubt, it can aid you with your user onboarding, but the quite limited capabilities it has made it hard to create extraordinary amazing experiences.

To install Pendo in your system or application, you will need ten to thirty minutes. Firstly, you will require to identify visitors and account metadata, then you need to install Pendo, and finally verify your installation.


Talking about the alternatives, Whatfix is a good walkme alternative you must not miss out on. The functionalities it has been nearly the same as for the other competitors of walkme. However, it is true that to begin your subscription on Whatfix is quite a bit confusing since they don’t offer you clear information. It is somewhat hard to inform what their pricing is, or even if they offer you a free trial. You know, installation isn’t quite complicated.

You may need to install their Chrome or Firefox extensions so as to create guides, but you also require to install their javascript snippets in case you want to preview them. With the assistance of Whatfix, you can easily form different guides and UI elements, but you still possess some restrictions.

Though it is a good alternative for you, remember customizing your in-app experiences demands a little bit of technical knowledge as it requires to be done in CSS.  Furthermore, Whatfix does not really support A/B testing such as Userpilot, but you can easily track your analytics.

The only benefit of Pendo over that of Whatfix, is that in the realm of Whatfix you need to mix your Google Analytics account in case you really wish to track data, while Pendo does not really require that.

Remember that to adopt Whatfix, it may take days, maybe even that of weeks. On the other hand, the platform has a quite good product allowing you to conveniently create in-app experiences in the absence of any coding.

It is certainly a little bit tough to customize your UI elements compared to that of other walkme alternatives, but at the end of the day, Whatfix is excellent and suitable for both enterprises and tiny and medium businesses.


To sum up, since you have a good idea about different platforms, you can make a good choice for your usage and effectiveness. It is all about what you are expecting from software and how it can help your business.

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