A Review of COLONY on Avalanche

Colony has a twofold mission: “We empower early-stage Avalanche projects and unlock unprecedented opportunities for the community. With us, builders and projects secure critical early capital, essential ecosystem support, organic early exposure, and a thriving community of investors and future users. We bring their visions to life.

Simultaneously, the community gains access to unparalleled seed investment opportunities and a diverse array of yield-generating products.”

Since its launch on Avalanch in 2021, Colony has been deeply committed to the growth of Avalanche. Colony serves as a unified platform, empowering early-stage projects and providing consistent value to its community. Over the past two years, Colony has offered the following core programs:

  • Early Stage Program: $CLY stakers can actively participate in decentralized fundraising opportunities.
  • Liquidity Provision Program – offers protocols the liquidity boost required to amplify their TVL.
  • $CAI – Colony Avalanche Index – a token that tracks the performance of $AVAX and the top applications on Avalanche.

But, having amassed over 500,000+ AVAX in the past year, Colony has recently unveiled two new initiatives made possible by its significant AVAX reserves. By doing so, Colony is reaffirming its long-term dedication to supporting projects built on the Avalanche network.

1 – The Validator Program

The initiative consists of 300K AVAX divided into two versions.

Version 1 serves as the foundational piece, accumulating AVAX to validate Avalanche’s Primary Network and actively participate in securing the network.

Version 2 is dedicated to validating Avalanche Subnets and includes a liquid staking component. As Subnet adoption grows, the demand for Subnet Validators will increase. With Version 2, Colony will play a vital role in supporting a thriving Subnet ecosystem.

Critically, “rewards from both the current (V1) and upcoming versions (V2) of the Validator Program will be directed back to the $CLY stakers community through airdrops.”

2 – The Sustainability Program

The Early Stage Program’s long-term success is secured with a 200K AVAX investment. A portion of the AVAX reserves will bootstrap liquidity on the upcoming Colony DEX, granting early-stage participants access to locked/vested tokens. The remaining AVAX reserves are staked to generate yield, rewarding Colony DEX’s liquidity providers. This ensures that the DEX maintains ample liquidity for an optimized user experience during the Early Stage.

How Do $CLY Stakers Benefit?

Stakers in the Validator Program will receive rewards through airdrops. The Sustainability Program aims to incentivize Colony DEX liquidity providers, eliminating the need for $CLY emissions.

New Partnership Announced

Colony recently showcased its dedication to supporting emerging projects on Avalanche by forging a strategic partnership with @movementlabsxyz to accelerate the growth of teams building on Movement. Additionally, they actively contribute to the security of the Movement network as a validator. Plus, Colony also partnered with Swiss Borg, a major European crypto platform.

More Thoughts

As a platform, Colony provides users with seamless access to the Avalanche ecosystem. All you have to do to start earning $Avax, $CLY, and project airdrops, is to stake $CLY – it’s really that simple.

With its latest initiatives, Colony demonstrates a strong dedication to contributing to the growth of Avalanche while ensuring the community reaps the rewards.


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