A Young Boy From a Small Town Trapperx’s Journey Towards Global Fame is Inspiring

A Music producer and Disc Jockey, Sushil Ghunawat aka Trapperx has become a prominent name in the music industry, garnering colossal attention. Being regarded as the top notch Electronic Music producer of Rajasthan and a pioneer, post signing one of the greatest global labels, Sushil has acquired the global dais and represents India on Global charts.

Established in Jaipur, with expertise that surpasses any other, the recent events have brought global fame on his door. The release of his latest track-“Blurry” on eminent platforms on 1st October, entitled him to grandeur. Increasing his list of achievements, Blurry has caused him to level up.

Already being associated with labels that are globally acing, he became a pioneer, by acquiring the stage as the first-Indian to get signed by Trapcity’s official label- BrednButter. But this alone has not disarrayed the news. The sudden chaotic waves are regarding his recent proclamation of him planning a launch of his NFTs quite soon.

“Blurry” having propelled him to a global standpoint, as the track was supported massively by labels with soaring brand value like TrapNation, TribalTrap and TrapTownRecords and by global artists like Yellow Claw, Party Favors and Virtual Riot, Trapperx has now unfurled his future plans. Aiming to work with some of the best artists in the USA, he would be soon flying to New York this year.

But the amazing news doesn’t end here for his fanbase, the winters are wrapped in another gift for them. He has made the revelation of playing his sets in Jaipur-his hometown, this winter. With plethora of achievements in his bag, his fans are waiting for more news to come their way as well as newer record-breaking tracks.

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