Aarav Srivastava takes responsibility in promoting their clients at Social Noon

From establishing himself as a renowned content creator to handling campaigns for big companies like Castrol, Heineken & Sunburn Festival, Aarav has certainly made a mark in working across the digital market for various brands and different verticals. Aarav Srivastava started his
journey as a content creator under the Alias “The Pixen” (www.ThePixen.com) by working with small event-based companies in Delhi with fairly big international acts in the country.

He then started working with Asia’s largest music festival and since then he has worked across several verticals when it comes to content creation. With the onset of his photography career, he worked with some of the biggest artists across the world like Wiz Khalifa, Martin Garrix, AR Rahman, and more. He certainly made sure that his work reached out to a wide audience across the country.

During his working tenure, he stepped into another industry where he wanted to put the seeds of his digital marketing agency called “Social Noon” (www.SocialNoon.com) about 4 years back when he started working with World’s best Bollywood DJ called Dj Aqeel. Thereafter, after his keen efforts, he started working with different clients in different fields such as Real Estate, Ecommerce, Startups, Services, and more. He also managed to do a campaign with a big brand such as Heineken along with Castrol with massive reach and engagement.

Aarav quotes that his motivation lies in the happiness of his customers and that his customers get what they are paying for. His vision to take a professional service as a responsibility to deliver than to deliver for the sake of money. He likes to take part in understanding the vision of a client and
then recommends the best product that might suit their business.

His vision to work goes far since he likes to help and promote more local talent who’s struggling to make a name or earn out of the industry which is fairly saturated. Aarav’s vision of focussing on quality than quantity is what he always sticks at. He simply quotes “ There are 100s of people who can just deliver the work asked by you, but were they an active part in doing the best for you? Maybe not”.

His agency Social Noon which now operates in 3 countries like Australia, India, and Germany has a plethora of services like website/app development, Social Media, content generation, influencer marketing, and a lot more.

In the coming months, Aarav wants to focus on building relationships to make sure growth and to help those who are just starting up to get a name in the industry along with helping his clients to use the right products for their business.

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