The choice of a career path can be quite tricky and overwhelming, but talent and creativity are a sure pathfinder. After graduating from the university, Adi Alfa, like many graduates today, did not know what direction to take in her career until she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. It was then that her dream to pursue a career in the movie industry was born.

Embarking on this journey was a true game-changer for Adi because not only did she discover her true purpose, she also learned that giving up was not an option and developed the confidence to go for what she really wanted but was scared to ever do. It was this drive and courage that propelled her to audition for what would be her breakthrough acting debut – the Marks and Spencer’s commercial, which she felt was a total disaster but turned out to be the beginning of her award-winning acting career.

After she got the role due to her “authenticity and down to earth nature,” in the words of the organizers, other opportunities began to present themselves, and Adi being as determined as ever, aced in all her performances, earning her a name in the movie industry both in the United Kingdom and the United States.


Adi gained widespread popularity after her role in a comedy series – the fortune, featuring UK comedian, Don’t Jealous Me, such that she started to get lots of attention and her fan base began to grow. Shortly afterward, she starred in another project, The T Boy Show, which raised her profile further and led to her participation in a UK Nollywood film called Ortega and His Enemies. It was this project that gave Adi her first acting award – The NAFCA (African Oscar) for Best Actress in Beverly Hills, LA. After that, the name Adi Alfa seemed to be circulating fast amongst black award ceremonies.

Gaining this much expertise in her craft has earned her the honor of working with some of the big names in the industry, including Jake Abraham, Philip Olivier, Warren Brown, Steven Bauer, Armand Assante, Fred Williamson, Ken Davitian, to mention only but a few. It is therefore undeniable to state that Adi’s rise in the media industry has been a steady climb to greatness.


Being a firm believer of persistence and grounded with an unflinching work ethic, Adi hopes to continue doing what she loves not only as an actress but as a movie producer running her own production company Media Worx. She hopes to work on big projects with other producers while also creating more of her own projects through her production company.

Pursuing the ultimate goal, however, has not taken her focus off the one thing she also passionately holds dear – family. She says that bringing up her daughter to be a gorgeous, caring, sweet, and funny girl is one of her greatest accomplishments, aside from doing what she loves every day.

Adi Alfa is truly an inspiration to all and sundry, and she has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Watch out for her latest projects, “Finding Forever,” and the TV series “Darlings of Sin,” currently in production.

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