AFG Muzik Christian Radio Show

AFG musik radio show is calling on all independent artistes around the globe.


AFG MUZIK or better known as All For God Muzik was created in 2019 by colorado chh native Sean Elliott, this company is serving the Christian community by speaking volumes with their new radio show.

Friday evenings AFG Muzik CEO Sean prepares his day to launch his computer and go live, setting up his mic and camera he shoots 4k 1080p through an open broadcast system. Giving the watcher a full-screen view of what’s happening simultaneously fans can stream and focus easily.

Going live can be draining especially when it’s being transmitted to multiple 3rd party social media platforms, But with this passion, the young CEO is sure to set sail and pave the way for a lot of upcoming artists in Christian hip-hop.

All For God Muzik sends an invite to anyone and encourages others to be apart of our journey through several social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, periscope, Twitter, and twitch. To contact us or to send us music to review please do so here:

For more information on ALL FOR GOD MUZIK:



Written by Glitch Digital

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