Ahmed W. Elzoghabi Says the ‘Best Teacher’ Behind his Entrepreneurial Success is the Internet

Small-scale businesses are the heart of every industry. Their immense contribution not only accelerates the personal growth of entrepreneurs but also fosters the country’s economy. The switch from employees becoming independent employers have motivated many young lads to start a venture of their own. With such a positive business environment, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi, a native from New Jersey decided to establish a business of his own.

The 23-year old since his teenage had the curiosity to understand the fundamentals of the business. He chased his goal by pursuing a degree in International Business and Economics. “I gained great theoretical knowledge about the business, but to bring the business to life was a challenge”, said Ahmed. To begin his journey, he worked in a sales company as a telecom sales executive. Not only he mastered sales and marketing, but he also learnt online marketing on the web.

Elzoghabi says that the internet is the best teacher and an open encyclopedia available for everyone. Making the best use of it, he skilled himself in digital marketing that saw the incorporation of his first business selling agency. The company majorly looks after the marketing campaigns of Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies. Along with the business, he learnt the concept of trading. Understanding stock trading and options trading thoroughly, Mr. Ahmed built a community of traders by starting La Vague Trades, a trading firm where traders from different walks of life are trained on how to make good fortunes by smart trading.

Venturing into multiple businesses boosted Ahmed’s business acumen to the next level. Around three years ago, he launched Integrated Home Solutions Inc, a brand that sells home appliances and electronics like television, smartphones, laptops, electronic home devices, security devices like CCTV cameras, solar panels and many other things. With dedicated time management, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi has built a business empire from scratch. Sharing his knowledge about business and trading, the entrepreneur loves to create YouTube vlogs for all the aspiring entrepreneurs

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