Ajkune Ahmedtaj – The First Famous Albanian Hairdresser to Create her own Signature Hair Coloring and Hair Extensions

Ajkane Ahmedtaj

About Ajkune Ahmetaj

Ahmetaj is a famous and very first Albanian hairdresser who enable herself to develop her signature hair coloring, shampoo products, and lipstick. Most people rely on and consider their saloon as a source of comfort for self-care. They also keep professionals in their saloon and provide valuable services to people.

Early Life

Ajkune Ahmetaj was born in Kosovo and a few years later she moved to Switzerland. There she began her career as a hairdresser and she also did a hairdresser course for three years. After completion of her course, she opened her first salon in Switzerland.

Journey towards fam

When Ahmetaj opened her saloon in Switzerland than due to her expertise in the field she quickly rose to fame as a professional Albanian hairdresser. In the year 2017, she announced that she had completed hairdressing training with well-known famous hairdresser Mounir.

The blonde started working with famous celebrities, singers which include Elvana Gjata, kida, Tyna, and Dafina zeqiri. She becomes famous due to her expertise in dyeing, haircut, and facial products. Due to Ahmetaj’s satisfying work, she inspired many singers and stars and they started heading towards her saloon to get their ideal work.

Ajkune collaboration with a few celebs and musicians made it at the top of its hairdressing industry. The blonde hairdresser Ahmetaj also worked with celebrities who are well known among the audience. These include,

  • Kida
  • Dafina zeqiri
  • Tyna
  • Alvana Gjata

She also started her masterclasses to build and, provide hairdressing, dyeing saloon management skills for passionate people with the passage of time the industry of Ajkune Ahmetaj has grown, and now it is a huge industry named Ajkune Professional GmbH.

Ajkune professional GmbH industry

Ajkune professional GmbH was founded in 2015. The owner of this industry is Ajkune Ahmetaj. Ajkune professional GmbH is located in Switzerland.it is generally the part of hair care services industry. Across all of its locations, Ajkune professional GmbH has only three employees in total. This industry is generating around 165,300 dollars in sales. This country has completed its 6 years and become popular in a very less time. It has no branches.

Ahmetaj’s Training and skill-building program

Now due to her expertise in this field of extensions, colorations, and dyeing, she has decided to open her masterclasses program for passionate people and should share her expertise and knowledge with the people who want to become hairdressers or master the techniques of hairdressing or dyeing. She also let them work with her if they master her classes and works as professionals.

Her skill-building and training team consists of professionals who hathe s expertise, valuable knowledge, and skills to train the people. Ahmetaj’s masterclasses training team enables their students to polish their qualities and learn as per their passion and enable them to provide their valuable services to people once they master them.

Other than this Coiffeur Ajkune offer and invite after finishing their complete training, letting them learn the techniques and work with the team of their professional and experts.

Ajkune’s Social Media influence

In recent years Ajkune has made an abuzz on social media with celebrities and musicians providing its top-level hairdressing services and opportunities. As per

Ahmetaj, nowadays social media is a powerful tool for marketing_ something which is mastered by ajkune’s professionals. On social media, learners will get to know about the utilization of it for training. Due to Ajkune efforts and the latest style of its brand, it becomes the topic of discussion on Instagram and in many newspapers.

The owner herself has a huge fan following and network on social media with a nearby 1.2 million fan following this blonde has on her Instagram. The professionals of the Ajkune brand have amassed and make a fan following of nearby 376,000 on this platform of social media.

Bottom lines

Ajkune Ahmetaj’s industry is growing rapidly. It has a huge crowd of females. It is a hub for modern hairdressing. Now this industry is collaborating with other hairdressing services provider industries. This industry has grown due to the enthusiastic efforts of its owner Ahmetaj and her expertise in her field.

This industry is also planning training and skill developing programs for passionate people and aims to enable their clients to have the same passion and profession. This industry is helping many to make a living and giving them opportunity to learn hairdressing with experts.

This industry has a bright future and still, it is well known in most of the countries. Its Owner Ajkune Ahmetaj dreamed to grow her industry hence the dreams come true.

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