Akshay Aruku : A Star in the Making

Born on 21 December 2000, this young gentleman Akshay Aruku, who has recently left his teens is bursting enthusiastic in his deeds. Akshay Aruku born in Hassan, Karnataka is famously known for his acting skills in theatres in the South Industry. Not only acting but Akshay is also well branded as a director and scriptwriter.

Akshay’s surname ‘Aruku’ got a widely recognition when he stepped in the Acting aspect of the industry. He provides a widely relatable content among his teens and in 2018 has debuted in a series cnamed “Anashku”, which was based on Paranormal series in Kannada. With this Akshay was the only individual who starred in a paranormal series in South India at that time.

Aruku is well profound with his directive skills and after his completion of Anashku he also directed a small web series on Hostel life, namely – Hostel Haiklu, in 2019. As the series was released in 2020 Akshay received a great deal of admirations from all age categories. As contented as ever he decided to direct another series which is based on a popular phenomenon of “Indian Roadside Romeos”.

He took the most hilariously reserved concept from social media and named his series “Chapri Nibba”. Akshay Aruku not only dominated the directive space but also did he act and perform a tremendously relatable role in his flick. For that Akshay also transformed himself in a completely different avatar and got temporary tattoos too.

Right now Aruku is occupied with his new ingenious web series idea which is yet to finalize a name and will be different from the typical comedy genre and more of a horror, suspense, drama.

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