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The year 1990 welcomed the world’s most iconic artists to the stage. It was the start of a decade the most historic and influential musicians once lived. Born that same year and raised in a time where hip hop and rap first dominated music, we introduce Ali. In a way, Ali was welcomed to that stage too, as he’s on his way to humbly make music history himself.

Also known as SomeArabGuy, Ali was born Mohamed Ali—like the legend, but spelled differently. In a similar way, he aims to be a legend, but differently. And he is on his way.

The Detroit, Michigan, native was born to Lebanese-American parents and raised in Dearborn, which is nicknamed the Muslim capital of America to many. These are his roots. Even when he’s reached his manifested first platinum record one day, Ali will forever take his culture with him. Simultaneously, he became the first and only in his city to achieve what he has achieved. Near future releases will speak for themselves.

Like a true businessman, Ali built his foundation wisely and strategically before presenting himself as a music artist. From recording hits and visuals for different phases in his career, to meetings and timelines, he plans. Like the popular phrase goes: we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. The only execution Ali completes without anything on paper are his freestyle performances. He is known for his bars and freestyle skills. Using this talent, he records every record of his like so. No pen and paper, nothing. Something very few can do. During his teen years in juvenile corrections, he would battle rap, freestyling his way out the troubled time. Along with personal growth, Ali found a true passion for music.


Telling the details of how he built a foundation as a businessman first, Ali spoke on the first steps of his strategy to where he needed to be as an artist. Starting in Detroit, he completed his first release with top producer Helluva, collaborated with iconic rap artist Payroll Giovanni and leader in music Dre Butterz,  and continued to gain momentum in his home city.

Once established in Detroit and its finest in entertainment, he moved onto connecting to the music scenes in Miami, NY, and LA. “Building relationships as a businessman was the first thing I did,” Ali shares. In other words, the mastermind had a master plan. It began to reveal itself in December of 2019 when his first debut single was released.

Contrary to what most artists would do, Ali’s first record’s music video “Presidential” was a entirely a PR stunt. The goal: get talked about. From two wives and a lavish life, to goats and Saudi Prince lifestyle, the music video had much to be talked about. This was the first of many moves to gain attention.

The start of 2020 would open doors to iconic studios, meetings with the entertainment industry’s top executives, but most importantly, opportunities Ali would seize. He labels himself as a “go getta” and his words follow with actions. Officially making Mixx Productions as his head engineer and executive producer, Ali became a familiar face to LA’s Paramount Recording Studios.

The year slowed down society once the pandemic hit in March,  but it did not slow down Ali. While his 3rd record did numbers its first week, the shutdown pointed him in another direction. He dropped what he calls a quarantine hit titled, “Cash App” featuring Uncle Biz a.k.a Itsbizkit – the biggest blogger in the world. “Cash App” would later go viral on radio channels and online.

This summer, Ali announced news leaving his audience shocked, yet not surprised the artist reached such a milestone. His upcoming record “Mona Lisa” would welcome yet another Arab American artist, French Montana. With the same celebrity producer and engineer, Mixx Productions, it was only a matter of time the stars aligned, no pun intended.  While in Miami for a meeting with Audio Vision, he flew out Mixx to join French, and it birthed a hit.

“The French collab was more spontaneous than anything and by the grace of God and I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way or any other artist as my first big feature,” Ali tells about his #MonaLisa record. “The feeling of creating something successful with your own kind first just hits different.”

The release was delayed due to a number of reasons, but we know Ali has his own strategies that exceed expectations each time. Despite the eager fans, the release of “Mona Lisa” is unofficial, but the release will be the step Ali would climb to a mainstream status. “I manifested every piece of this,” Ali shared. We project that “Mona Lisa” will be the platinum record he aims for.

“I’m just pacing things waiting to see what happens with the world before investing into the next steps of going large,” he tells us. “Patience and timing is everything.”

The mastermind already has your next favorite song in his vault, waiting for the right time to be revealed. As for stepping into the spotlight and sharing his story, the time is now.

Mohamed Ali built a name for himself, whether referred to as SomeArabGuy or Ali. But there is one more nickname of his given name he’s aiming for: the greatest.

You can follow Ali on his journey on Instagram or visit his website


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