Amaan Surani: Social Media Magician

They say a good magician never reveals his secrets. At least that’s what viral influencer Amaan Surani lives by. Fortunately, we were able to have a brief and quite entertaining chat with the good mage himself. Amaan Surani, @abracadabra on Instagram, is on the fast track to becoming the most viral influencer of 2021. With an impressive resume of accomplishments over the past 5 years, Amaan and his marketing agency, Slay Media, are stopping at nothing to become the biggest online presence this year.

We’ve seen many influencers gain larger-than-life status over the last decade, and the online opportunity only keeps getting greater. Leveraging social media to one’s advantage is the smartest move a brand can make, and Amaan is focused on expanding his personal persona now that his viral accounts have dialed into autopilot. Amaan’s largest brand, ScaryClip! on Instagram has a staggering audience of 4,230,000 and growing.

ScaryClip! is not only noticed and followed by fans of his work, but by several A-list celebrities and public figures, who enjoy his content as well. He plans on especially using the power of ScaryClip!, his page for all fans of the horror/sci-fi genre, to help him build his personal presence online.

With his creativity in full-send, Amaan has spent the past few years on his multiple Instagram and Snapchat accounts that reach audiences of millions on a daily basis. He feels that he’s right where he wants to be, as far as his meme/theme pages go, and now wants to work on establishing his personal presence, by using the power of what he’s already created. According to Amaan, he feels he’s headed down a safe and secure path. He’s always been a straight-shooter, a leader, and a trendsetter, the exact qualities that are required for someone to succeed in this industry.

I am not, nor have I ever been the type of person to be pressured into following in someone else’s footsteps. Growing up in a very traditional household, I always heard as a child ‘my grandson will be a doctor someday’ or ‘my nephew is on his way to becoming an engineer.’ But even as a child, I just couldn’t see envision limiting myself and my potential by working in a field I didn’t enjoy, and especially a field where I cannot make full use of my talents. I’ve always had a vivid imagination and even was the creative one during my school days. It didn’t take long for me to realize that life is short, and creativity is rare. I couldn’t allow my creativity, my talent to go waste.

When Amaan is able to make his way into the celebrity category, his status and opportunities will only ascend. I mean… there’s no stopping him at this point. Either hop on the train, or miss it when it passes by. For all the readers here right now… Remember this article, and remember that we said it here first… The biggest influencer of 2021 is going to be Amaan A. Surani. He will be updating his followers through his personal Instagram account @abracadabra.

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