An Inspiring and Multi-Talented Songwriter: Lew

Meet Lew, an R&B, soul singer, and songwriter who also makes beats and produces 90% of his work all from home. He chose to learn how to mix songs as he wanted to understand the do’s and don’ts, and other things, such as how to arrange vocals, how stacks worked, how to render files together, etc.

It took Lew 25 years to realize how much he loved music, and today no matter how strong of a passion he has for anything, nothing beats Lew’s passion for music.

The inspiration behind Lew’s entry into the world of music

Lew states that he was buying music equipment for years with the hope of picking it up at some time. However, he was hesitant to take on the task, be independent and learn everything from scratch with no knowledge of music theory before that.

After years of buying equipment and selling it repeatedly, Lew finally decided to create quality music to compete with the industry. ‘As I got better and better at writing and producing, I fell more and more in love and realized that music was where I needed to be.’ says Lew.

Lew’s accomplishments in the music industry

Lew believes that being an independent artist with no connections, he has not seen much success financially. Although, he got placed as the ‘Artist of the week’ earlier this year on X102.3 Radio Station down in West Palm Beach, Florida. Comedians such as DcYoungFly and Funnymangaitlin on Instagram have also recognized Lew. He got some information from both of them about what it takes to make it.

Mistakes that Lew learned from

One of the significant mistakes that Lew made was rushing work and not giving himself lead time on releases. He also created ads that weren’t tailored and customized for him and wasted money on some playlists that weren’t generating any revenue.

Lew’s long-term vision

Lew describes his vision to be in a place where he can help others and be great. He admits that he grew up with a lot of support and has always been self-motivated and ambitious.

‘A lot of talent goes down the drain because young individuals don’t have the resources or support to be great. I’ve always wanted to give the youth hope and opportunities.’ marks Lew.

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