An Interview With Liridon Vrapca

While entrepreneurs have different styles, some business concepts are the same across the board. An accounting firm runs on the same principles as a digital marketing agency as they have the common goals of success, productivity, and hustling per online branding expert Liridon Vrapca. We caught up with Liridon for tea and a discussion about these three corporate characteristics to gain his unique perspective on each concept.

When it comes to a business, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a multinational powerhouse employing millions, that company wants to succeed. While degrees and definitions of success might vary, it is still a consistent goal across all organizations.

An animal shelter might measure success by the number of pets it adopts out every month while a medical office gauges how many people it treats in a day. Sure, a non-profit won’t have a sales goal, but they do need to bring in enough money to meet overhead costs.

Productivity is another common thread across all industries. Different companies will have varying metrics, but there is generally some type of performance expectation within organizations. The formula is simple: productive employees lead to a successful business. While some people don’t need to be motivated, others might need a little push.

If an employer knows their staff, they will know how to incentivize them. Not only can this generate noticeable results, but it also shows people that their supervisors reward hard work. This is an incentive for people to voluntarily increase productivity since they know it is appreciated.

Increased productivity leads directly into the last concept, hustle. A lot of people misconstrue this word as to hustle means to work at an increased pace and conduct business assertively. Hustling at work means to do the job quickly and efficiently but correctly without cutting corners.

There is another term for this: productivity. And increased productivity can lead directly to greater success. Hustle can be a wait staff upselling entrees to an assembly line worker exceeding their quota by 10%. By performing their jobs more aggressively they have increased productivity therefore contributed to an increase in success.

Liridon sees this relationship daily as he guides businesses through creating an online presence. New companies want to succeed, a productive team lays the groundwork for this success, but hustling will set the tone for necessary boosts in productivity. It is truly amazing how such simple concepts can make significant differences in a business.

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