Andrew Hristo on Building a Remote Business

From an early age, Andrew Hristo has been in love with the business industry. Born and raised in the south of Australia, Hristo began his first online venture when he was just 13-years-old. He sold products while learning the ropes of selling products and services online. 

Today, Hristo is an e-commerce and marketing star. He has helped over 500 students across the globe in the past year alone, inspiring them to build the company of their dreams and reach their goals.

Hristo has always had a passion for business and travel. He moved to the United States to study at the University of Miami, following his wanderlust early on. Hristo is immensely grateful for the unlimited powers that the internet and online space have provided to people like him. “No matter where you are, the world is your market,” he says.

Hristo’s first steps into the business world were social media marketing and dropshipping. He quickly learned that he could live anywhere he liked as long as he had a laptop and a good internet connection. 

He saw the opportunity before anyone else did, which allowed him to become the success that he is today. “It made sense to me as you only need to capture a very small percentage of the entire population and this can become a huge market. It is much easier doing this than trying to sell or appeal to people only in your city,” he recalls.

Andrew has always been motivated by his desire to achieve the very best in all aspects of his life – from business to health and relationships. He wants to be proud of himself as he gets older. “ There would be nothing worse than growing older and having regrets or wishing I had done more,” says Hristo.

Mindset is hugely important to Hristo. He believes that nothing worthwhile can come overnight, so expectations need to remain realistic. Hristo advises entrepreneurs to stop wasting time on small tasks and shift their focus to the bigger things.

Hristo also believes that without proper mental and physical health, people won’t be able to perform at their peak in business. He makes sure that he gets enough sleep, takes the right supplements, and reduces stress as much as possible. Neglecting one’s health, according to the Australian, is a huge mistake.

Hristo wants entrepreneurs to focus on building businesses that feel meaningful and inspiring. Success is much easier when work is enjoyable. Just like any other entrepreneur, Hristo has had painful failures. He recalls his biggest mistake was trying to do everything – customer service, advertising, sales, and finance. Building a team has been the remedy to this failure.

Hristo is excited about the future. He is continuing to grow his online e-commerce and social media businesses.

Hristo wants to continue helping others and encouraging them to start their own online businesses. One of his future goals is to empower a million people to achieve financial freedom. He believes that anyone can be great with the right mindset and guidance.

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