Ari Rastegar: Making Unlikely Alliances

Ari Rastegar: Making Unlikely Alliances

Page Six, discusses an extraordinary story: Ari Rastegar, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Rastegar Property Company, is co-writing a book with Paolo Ben Salmi, the 11 year old host of the podcast “Life According To Paolo”! This is, quite obviously, a very unlikely partnership. 

Rastegar is famed as the “Oracle of Austin,” and runs a highly successful real estate business. His company is a vertically integrated real estate business that invests in undervalued properties across the United States. The company adds value to these properties and develops them. He aims to provide his investors with passive income and capital appreciation using histax-efficient strategic investment decisions.

Salmi, on the other hand, at 11 years old, is already an environmental activist and award-winning writer. His book, Pint Size Adventurer, is a call to the youth to ditch their gadgets and head off into the world and enjoy it.

Two very dissimilar people. Their age difference and their background don’t scream, “co-authors”. Yet, that’s exactly what happened. 

Rastegar first met Salmi when he was invited onto Salmi’s podcast to discuss how Rastegar overcame his lisp and stutter. 

The two had a great time on air and off air and decided that they just had to do something together. That something proved to be a book. 

The book will be the first in a series and will look at various aspects of health and wellness and will be aimed at children. They’ll look at things like goal setting, gratitude, and mindfulness. 

Rastegar has achieved a lot in his and has met many successful people. He has thrived in real estate and knows the value of great home and property services. Rastegar turned a $3,000 loan into a business with real estate assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite this, his company is still one of Austin’s fastest growing real estate companies, with an impressive real estate portfolio. 

So it’s quite the compliment to Salmi when he says that he was so impressed with him. He realised that Salmi, at 11 years old, has done more with his life than many people much older than him. 

Age, it turns out, is nothing. What counts is talent. For Rastegar, Salmi has bundles of talent. 

Rastegar is a busy man, so it’s not surprising to hear that he is busy with another collaboration. According to Forbes, his company recently made Neal Golden, a veteran of commercial real estate, president of Rastegar Property Company, handling the operational aspects of the business. 

Golden met Rastegar a decade ago, and the two hit it off. Golden has impressed him with his wisdom over the years and the work he has done to date. 

Golden has been in the real estate business for 30 years. He has achieved many successes in his career. Being president of the Rastegar Property Company is the pinnacle of his career. He will not only manage the operational aspects of the business, but help build the company along best practices in asset management, investment and operational segments. His mission is to make the company a technology-enabled business that can thrive for many more decades. 

Rastegar’s story shows the power of encounters and the importance of taking advantage of those special moments when you meet exceptional people.

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