Army Officer Explains How Mentorship Has Changed His Life in Entrepreneurship Tremendously

Being an entrepreneur is all about determination and hard work. A young US army officer Lusene Donzo is the embodiment of this statement. People often make excuses as to why they cannot start their business.

Donzo argues that if he can build an entrepreneurial venture while serving in the army, surely anyone can do it. Following the right Guidelines and having the right mentorship along the way are the most important elements, according to Donzo.

Current occupations in the military

Donzo certainly loves acquiring new skills and keeps himself occupied at all times. During his army journey, he has picked on various crafts and now actively practices them. Donzo is now an army officer, professional speaker, author, and certified credit consultant. He has spoken and participated in multiple public events.

The backstory of Lusene Donzo

Donzo was not born into privilege; in fact, it is quite the opposite. Donzo was born in Liberia and later immigrated to the United States at a young age. He had to endure many hardships and face many tests before realizing his true path. With an entrepreneurial spirit in his heart, Donzo always wanted to have a business of his own. However, due to financial constraints, Donzo had to be the breadwinner for his family.

In 2012 Donzo joined G4S, a company in Virginia as a security officer. He used to do overnight shifts to help his single mother and siblings financially. He studied BS in computer science from Virginia state university. During his junior year, he ended up in a coma for 8 hours due to a grandmal seizures. He dislocated his shoulders in the process. In 2013 he was enlisted in the US Army, became an officer 2018 and had been serving since.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Donzo

Entrepreneurship is all about finding opportunities, be it big or small. Donzo always had a keen eye for opportunities. He realized how credit card repair companies were not providing up-to-par services to their clients. Due to the lack of financial knowledge, people could not realize what they were losing. Donzo realized that to be successful; he would have to provide real value to his clientele.

Launching his e-books and courses

Lusene Donzo thrived in creating a community of trust and knowledge. He put out various courses and e-books, which led his consumers to become more financially literate. He did this for all his clients whose cards he was repairing. This led to his clients valuing him since he provided them with more than just a service.  Lusene Donzo was not only working in the credit repair business; he was creating a whole new segment of customers. Ones that valued honesty.

This led to Donzo focusing more on credit consultancy. He found his true passion in the field and wanted to explore it more. He began polishing his skill more and presenting it to his students more effectively. In a short time, Donzo had created a large student base. A lot of people saw results with his course. Over 100 people said they had seen positive results taking Donzo’s course; he had saved them up to 750k on collection debts.

Unparalleled knowledge of credit consulting

Donzo grew up in a financially unstable family and realized the importance of money very well. This is why he was very good with credit card debts, having faced the situations himself. He knew the ins and out of the process, and his repair business let him on the additional inside he needed.

The importance of mentorship

Having the right teacher and undergoing the right teachings both are equally important.  Lusene Donzo had numerous instances in life where the right mentorship helped him carve his way. Similarly, the students who undertook his mentorship also saw positive results. This is because the right mentor has undergone a lot of possibilities. Their experience and teachings will allow one to omit many mistakes.

It was extremely difficult to manage the army along with the entrepreneurial ventures. The only thing that can get an individual through this is the drive to excel. Donzo had an insatiable desire to own his own venture. All you need is a spark, and the right mentors will help you set that spark ablaze.

Lusene Donzo is a firm believer in the concept of right mentorship. In support of his ideology, he has also published a book. His book, The Power of Determination: Train Your Mind to Live Your Calling, provides its readers with extraordinary knowledge. The book encompasses the life of an immigrant who had to undergo multiple trials and tribulations to make it.

It details that despite unimaginably horrible circumstances, Donzo never gave up on his dream. The story is courageous and determined; the methods, techniques, and approach will help its readers carve their way out of their own problems.

Mindset is the key to success

Upon being asked many questions and during his many speeches, Donzo repeatedly mentioned that mindset is the key to success. He believes that if individual aims for a target, he should be resilient to get it. Drowning in fear and anxiousness is not the answer to problems. In his book, he mentions several techniques and instances where he used those techniques to get out of problems.

Failure is a part of the journey

Failure is a part of the journey, according to Donzo. A man needs to fail in order to learn. Rejections can teach you many life lessons. Failures are a part of your journey on your way to success. Therefore, one should learn from them rather than getting discouraged by them,

Donzo himself faced many failures before he figured his way around life.

Today Lusene Donzo preaches his methods to help youth improve their creditworthiness and establish themselves in life. He also provides them with mental coaching through his various publications and books. The Lusene Donzo association utilizes a network of professional individuals to help improve the life quality of youth and help them figure out their way.

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