Asus May Use Round Face for ZenWatch 3

Asus’ ZenWatch is an Android Wear watch that has not made a huge impact on the wearables industry. Although, it appears that Asus is ready to try again. On Friday, photos of a possible ZenWatch 3 surfaced online. They were allegedly taken during an inspection by China’s telecom regulator. Of course, that doesn’t make it proof, but earlier this week, FCC filings were found of a round design.

That may indicate a new design for the ZenWatch 3. There are no details, yet, of how the end product will turn out. Nonetheless, early pictures show a seemingly vintage-inspired two-tone bronze color pattern with a three-button design. In addition, the watch looks thicker than previous iterations, which had a rectangular face. Not to mention, it gives it a unique appearance, relative to other smartwatches. Maybe the round face will get better reception. On August 31st, Asus will be presenting at IFA. Perhaps they will mention the watch then.

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