Author: Michael Zhou

Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development, I have assisted the Fortune 1000 company with expertise in the web as a whole, including ground-zero marketing efforts that benefit both consumer and vendor. I'm a thinker, communicator, marketer, competitor, people person, and all-around busy bee. I'm a relentless networker with several years of real-world experience and two college degrees under my belt. He is also a contributor on Esprittoday.
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How Your E-commerce Email Marketing Strategy Can Build Stronger Customer Relationships and Increase Loyalty to Your Brand

[playht_player width=”100%” height=”175″ voice=”Richard (en-US)”] Customer relationships and brand loyalty are everything for any E-commerce retailer that wants to not only survive but thrive in today’s ultra-competitive online retail landscape. With Amazon’s dominance, many smaller E-commerce […]