Ayudar, the Solidarity App for Assistance Between People, NGOs, and Businesses During COVID-19

Ayudar, the free app has already launched its beta version in Argentina and plans to expand worldwide.

The coronavirus is, without a doubt, impacting the entire world in every way, forcing us to make and implement, in our daily lives, great social and health transformations.

On the other hand, it is often said that from great crises and problems arise also brilliant opportunities, challenges, and new projects and innovations. In this context, many entrepreneurs and companies from other related niches, such as technology, are also in constant development, looking for opportunities and ways to cope with this situation, contributing their time, resources, and knowledge.

This is the case of Kevin Leyes, a recognized and successful entrepreneur who at only 19 developed and founded Ayudar, an app that allows donors and volunteers to connect with vulnerable people and NGOs that need help in areas such as food, furniture, school supplies, and clothing, via geolocalization.

Ayudar is a user-friendly platform, you can access from any device you own.

Since the objective of Ayudar is to last the time and not to be a temporary project due to the coronavirus, its main functions are based on promoting solidarity through donations in general. However, during COVID-19, Ayudar allows its users to request or offer help in special areas such as donations of supplies to hospitals, favors, purchases and deliveries, and emotional support.

In this way, not only people with economic complications or low resources can make use of the application, but also people more vulnerable to the coronavirus, elderly people with diseases or different capacities, who in eventual situations may require assistance in their daily tasks, or in situations of need to buy more food to “survive” and fulfill their quarantine.

In addition to requesting and offering assistance, the app has a list of local businesses and shops that make home deliveries. “Ayudar also seeks to generate a positive impact on SMEs, especially those that offer food, hygiene, and health products, which are the categories of primary need. It is also a way to help these businesses to maintain their sales” says Kevin. The app only accepts local businesses that make home deliveries, to encourage people not to leave their homes during the quarantine.

The platform allows users to navigate through lists or on a map via geolocation.

In this way, the app allows many locals to enter the daily radar of the families: “It sounds crazy, but maybe in your own city you don’t know all the places there are. With a platform like this one, with a database or a map where you can see all that information gathered, you could find out about a nearby business where you’ve never been before,” says Kevin, who has already met with several local merchants to add them to the project.

Ayudar can be used by anyone for free. The platform and app are totally reliable and transparent, since you always interact directly with other users and/or organizations previously verified with their respective documentation, in case of businesses.

“Our main goal is to positively impact our society by promoting solidarity and social sensitivity, and in turn, helping vulnerable people,” said Kevin Leyes, currently recognized as the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and founder and CEO of companies such as Leyes Media and Team Leyes.

Kevin Leyes, the founder of Ayudar, decorated as the youngest official member of the Forbes Business Council and YEC.

“Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, I have worked and founded other companies that perhaps have nothing to do with the social, but I always wanted to capture all that knowledge that I was and continue to acquire, in some social project,” says Kevin.

Kevin Leyes and his app, Ayudar, are great examples of how in crisis situations what really matters is one’s mentality as a person: you can choose to sit back, criticize other people and the government, wait and see what happens, or else get down to work and come up with ways to really support society and try to give a hand in the current situation we’re facing.

With this, we invite you not only to join Ayudar but also to ask yourself: Am I an influential social actor? What could I do that is within my reach to help others around me? Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also be positively impacting others.

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