BeeRole is Here to Help the Planet

This previous year has been very disheartening for everyone, and people are finding all sorts of ways to make a positive impact during these trying times. Two of the most popular ways to give back and stay safe have been to donate to charity and go outside, BeeRole can help you achieve both of these goals.

BeeRole has made it their mission to save 2 Billion bees in 2021 and you can help. Every one dollar donated saves 100 bees. To put that in perspective, that one dollar would produce over 3 pounds of honey and pollinate over 90 different kinds of edible plants all over the world. BeeRole encourages others to go out and experience, appreciate, and learn about nature. Specifically bees do so much for the environment and one out of every four bites of food you eat, comes from bee pollination, so they’re very important.

BeeRole is a global beehive network that connects beekeepers and bee lovers from all over the world to share their honey, their tips, and what they can do to further heal the bee population. Their mission statement reads “Our distinct role is to support a global cause – saving the endangered bee populations to maintain the natural equilibrium of biodiversity.”

Once you join the website you are deemed a worker bee when you sign up and from there you can connect with others and even open your own ecommerce store to sell honey and other bee products that come from all over the world. Honey can vary in color and taste from the different plants native to the bees area, so some honey available is spicy from pepper plants or citrusy from orange blossoms. It’s an incredibly unique way to support hives and try new things.

Along with honey, natural beauty products and health products can be sold, which not only supports small business but sustainable businesses as well. Aside from ecommerce and articles, you can find your favorite hives and even check hive logs when you donate money or follow certain accounts to see how the bees are doing.

BeeRole was created for nothing other than to spread awareness and help the bees. As they do so much for the entire world and ecosystem, donating is a small way to give back and make sure these tiny, fuzzy insects are getting the help they deserve.

Visit to sign up and donate to this incredible cause.

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