Bhupesh Bansal Talks About the Benefits of Work From Home

After the outbreak of Coronavirus last year, the World came to a standstill. People’s lives were turned upside down, everybody was herded inside and made to shut their doors – everyone endured problems they’d never even dreamt of.

However, Bhupesh Bansal – Entrepreneur, the founder of BM Digital, is one of the few insightful people who have been able to see the silver lining on these clouds.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur says, “The pandemic brought a series of tragic events, but it also taught us plenty of things. From the simple rules of washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds to the complex structures that define and uphold our global and national economy. The pandemic brought everything to light.

“Our workplaces, as we know them, were changed drastically. While many people were hit by the recession and sent home packing, others were told to pack their stuff as well and set up their workstation at their homes. Bansal observes, “Work From Home” life took a bit of adjusting for most, but soon all settled down. Staying in the comfort of your home can make it really difficult for the mind to switch between working and relaxing mode, hence we had to look for ways that would make us productive anytime we wanted. We now have a keen eye for finding more effective ways of working”.

“When the pandemic started there was no option of going to offices to work.”, he continues, “Everyone had mixed feelings about working from home; because our homes had a lot of distractions, and the pandemic itself was scary and weighed us down emotionally”.

“But now that everyone adapted and adjusted to staying at home, I believe that now when it is safe to open offices – many people would prefer to still work from home”. Not just that, employers would be happy to not have to pay huge rent, bills for buildings they don’t need. Traffic jams and everything is not to even be spoken of.

Bhupesh who has been working from home for practically all his work-life, and even when he was graduating, spoke appreciatively of this large-scale work from home phenomenon and said, “Working from home does the most important task of keeping us safe. In these times we should keep our outings to the minimum and being allowed this luxury of working from home cuts down on stepping out of the house, being around other people and the commute to work. Many people shifted to their hometowns to be with loved ones and WFH allows them to be in a safe space without jeopardizing their careers”.

One of the most important things to learn when you are working from home is the importance of homemakers. In a country where services of thousands of Homemakers be it any gender, are taken for granted, when you are working from home, you realise it’s not easy being one. Bhupesh who is also an illustrator, dedicated some of his art to his mother and house worker. He also says; “Sometimes we take the human spirit for granted. Our news is full of terrible events and it makes us forget that good exists. In the pandemic, we all learnt the values of charity, generosity and brotherhood. Everyone who could afford it lent a helping hand. People cheered on from their balconies for all the unsung heroes of our society. People came together (and stayed 6 feet apart while they were at it) to help anyone in need – be it mentally, financially or medically. It is in the darkest of times, that the biggest gems shine the brightest – and in this pandemic, we all were able to see the ones with the biggest hearts.”.

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