Bitcoin Miners Are Helping To Grow Flowers and Vegetables

Bitcoin mining has been criticized for its large carbon footprint – as if politicians and so-called “environmentalists” don’t regularly fly around the globe in Gulfstreams and take their helicopters to dinner from their yacht helipads.

Most of us know the “environmentalist” arguments are hypocritical at best; and when truly sustainable solutions are presented, the environmentalists seem to scatter.

In reality, Bitcoin mining is benefitting our symbiotic relationship with energy and sustainability. One way this is achieved is when miners use intermittent, stranded, and waste power sources, while also investing in sustainable energy (nuclear anybody?).

Another possibility that hasn’t been fully explored yet is using the excess heat produced by Bitcoin miners for new heating purposes.

Let’s take a look at three examples:

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, heat from Bitcoin miners is being used to warm a greenhouse full of tulips (who doesn’t like tulips?). In turn, reliance on natural gas lowers, which has become crazy expensive in Europe since someone decided to sabotage the NordStream pipeline, which released the most C02 into the atmosphere out of any other industrial disaster to date – but I digress.


A Canadian city is planning to use Bitcoin miners to provide much-needed heat for houses during the long winter months. This will also help with the fact that not every Canadian crypto bro has a fine Saskatchewan female to keep them warm during arctic temps.

But anyway, an energy provider called Lonsdale Energy Corporation, and MintGreen, a Bitcoin mining company, will work together to supply some of the heating needs for North Vancouver residents.

Can you picture Canadians getting hammered while taking out leveraged Bitcoin loans in their houses heated by Satoshis? I can.


In Sweden, Genesis Mining is partnering with different public and private entities to offer customized mining containers with airflow systems designed to direct the heat from miners into nearby greenhouses that are growing fruits and vegetables.

 According to estimates from researchers, using a 600kW mining container to raise greenhouse temperatures by 20 degrees could triple the size of each greenhouse in subarctic climates. That means more food when Springs hits…at the same, or reduced, energy costs.

Why isn’t Greta offering this solution?

Combine Fossil Fuels With Sustainable Sources For Maximum Benefits   

We need to combine the use of fossil fuels with sustainable sources of energy, such as those offered by Bitcoin miners. This can drastically improve our overall environmental impact. Like it or not, fossil fuels are still the primary source of energy in most of the world and will likely remain so for some time to come.

Therefore, it’s essential to make use of them while also investing in alternative renewable energy solutions. By leveraging all available options – both traditional and new – we can ensure that we achieve a lower carbon footprint while also providing an adequate power supply to meet the needs of Earth’s population.


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