Brendan Cox’s New Book is Helping Real Estate Agents Dominate Social Media

Meet Brendan Cox, a driven entrepreneur looking to help businesses and influencers leverage social media to the fullest extent. At a young age, the New Jersey native was intrigued by entrepreneurship. He learned the ropes of entrepreneurship from starting a handful of businesses when he was younger including a successful phone case business, a teen odd job pairing business and numerous others. 

Cox recently launched his new book “365 Days of Social Posts For Real Estate Agents” in order to help real estate agents build a strong personal brand on social media. Cox told us, “I’ve always been passionate about helping business owners and influencers use social media to their advantage. He continued, “In this digital era we are living in, it’s becoming critical to use these platforms as a way to connect with your target audience.” 

Working in the industry myself, it’s evident that some business owners struggle with maintaining a compelling online presence. Over the next few years social media is going to become more and more important especially in the heavily competitive real estate industry. Every real estate professional needs a copy of this book.

If you are a realtor who struggles with what to post on social media on a regular basis. This book does all the work for you. Check it out on Amazon and make sure to keep up with Brendan on his Instagram and Linkedin.

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